The 10 Deals To Start Off 2015

Nobody can resist a good deal, that much is made abundantly clear by the massive earnings that most businesses make as soon as they’re announcing that they’re hosting a sale. Likewise, whenever deals or special offers are available online web designers and developers jump at the chance to get their hands on some quality resources at advantageous prices. Well, we have a little treat for you, we’ve looked up some of the best deals available right now and we’ve gathered them up in a top 10 that we will proceed to show you.

1. Mighty Deals


Mighty Deals delivers new deals every day for web designers and developers who appreciate a good bargain. Whether you’re looking for Photoshop add-ons, royalty free icons or even lessons on web development, you need to check out Mighty Deals. You can start off by subscribing to their newsletter that will help you stay posted on the latest deals and you’ll make sure not to miss anything. With discounts ranging from 50% up to 90% you might wonder how Mighty Deals consistently manages to pull off these huge deals for their customers. Each product is heavily negotiated directly with the designers if order for you to enjoy high quality services for one tenth of the price. Thinking of submitting a deal yourself? Nothing easier. All you have to do is signup on Mighty Deals and send in your offer. Then just lay back and get ready to receive new orders and customers and increase those sales figures. If you’re a client you don’t even need to waste time on registering or creating accounts. Just browse through the daily offers and don’t forget to check out the freebies section where you can download free fonts, backgrounds, icons, patterns and much, much more. Make sure you take a look at their hottest deal right now: Nimva, a WordPress theme designed for business and portfolio websites alike. Take advantage of its Drag-and-Drop Page Builder, its 9 hours of tutorials made to help you set it up and all its other amazing customization options. All this can be yours for only $27, a discount of 45% from its original price.


2. MyDesignDeals


It’s common sense that in order to become a great designer you have to go through a lengthy process that involves a lot of independent study and a great deal of learning craft from the masters. This is where MyDesignDeals comes in. By giving you access to the greatest variety of first-rate stock design resources, MyDesignDeals is both helping you make your projects better, and helping you learn from those with more experience. The tools and resources provided by MyDesignDeals are made by designers, for designers,  and they’re coming at you at hugely discounted prices. Visit MyDesignDeals and you’ll find vectors, textures, brushes, layer styles, kick-ass design tutorials and much, much more. Also, keep in mind that all their creative bundles are available for only a limited amount of time, which means that it’s probably a good idea to sign up for their newsletter in order to always be kept up to date. What’s more, by signing up for the newsletter, you get access to The Designer Toolbox, which is full of amazing freebies. Make sure to check out one of the most popular deals of all time in The 164 Best Photoshop Styles on the Planet.


3. Logo Design Team


Regardless of whether your business is just starting up or if you’ve already kinda made a name for yourself, your brand’s identity is an essential area you should think about. This is where Logo Design Team comes in. They can help you define a logo that will suit your business needs perfectly and they won’t stop there. Logo Design Team can help you with a variety of brand identities like mascots, caricatures, brochures, packaging and more. This team has made it into the top firms in the global market of Custom Logo Design & Graphic Design services through a perfectly balanced mix of expertise, professionalism and dedication. Logo Design Team is made up of a pool of extremely talented designers that are fully equipped to produce a great variety of creative concepts to supply your needs. All they’re waiting for is you to tell them what you need created. What’s more, they’re currently offering a 10% discount on every purchase from their website, all you need to do is use this coupon code ‘MYD10’ and you’re good to go.


4. DealJumbo


If you’re a professional web or graphic designer, a freelancer, or an art enthusiast that likes good deals, you’ll definitely fall in love with DealJumbo’s latest Logo/Badge bundle. DealJumbo gathers exclusive offers from designers, writers and artists from around the globe and sells them at staggering discounts. Their latest bundle features some of the highest quality logo, badge and vector shape resources out there at the moment. The new 5in1 mega bundle offers 38 logo and shape items created by 5 design shops, making it the biggest and best quality logo bundle until now. Too good to be true? It is also 93% off, so you’d better hurry and see its stunning quality for yourself. Be sure to check out the other offers on DealJumbo as well. The Creative Artist Toolkit offers 7 unique illustration image sets that are perfect for invitations, postcards or T-shirt designs. Also, their new Valentine’s Day Graphics feature 13 illustration and 3D image sets that will take your 14th February project to a whole new level. Their freebies section has no shortage of cute goodies that are just waiting for you to download them, completely free of charge.


5. Elegant Themes


As they About page can tell you, Elegant Themes started out small as a one-man operation running out of Nick’s college apartment and has become one of the most appreciated suppliers of WordPress themes on the Internet. With more than 80 themes offered and over 250,000 happy customers, Elegant Themes has made a name for itself as a company that is close to and thrives along with its community. One of their greatest successes has come due to the fact that they’ve listened carefully to what the web professionals community has been asking for and that is: the Divi Theme. This theme comes with its own Divi Builder that allows you to visually define your website’s layout with the use of blocks of content. The best part about it is that Divi enables you to have the layout you’ve imagined without you having to write a single line of code. What’s more, it also comes with 18 pre-made layouts that you can modify as you see fit. Take advantage of the deal Elegant Themes is offering right now and get a 20% discount on their Developer subscription.


6. AnimatedVideo


Are you on the lookout for the best way to add more content to your website while at the same time attracting more visitors? Then you’re looking for a way to translate your information to video and, luckily, the team at AnimatedVideo is ready and willing to help you do it. With a portfolio of diverse themed videos ranging from Explainer Videos, to Marketing or Tutorial, AnimatedVideo has everything you need in order to insure that you both engage your audience and multiply conversions. This team is comprised of experts that are fully capable and willing to create 2D and 3D videos with engaging script, illustrative storyboard, soothing visual or even highly interesting animation. AnimatedVideo will take the time to hear out what your business needs and they will offer you the best deal to do it. What’s more, they will keep you in the loop every step of the way, from scripting to final finishing. And that’s not all, they are also giving out a special discount, all you have to do is follow this link and enter ‘GETOFFER’ in the About Video field before submitting your request.


7. Templates-master


If you’re running an eCommerce website you’re sure to be on the lookout to improve your website’s conversion rates and you’re probably running it on the Magento platform. If you are, then Templates Master’s Fire Checkout extension is the extension you’ve been looking for. Fire Checkout is a one step checkout Magento extension that will increase the checkout process for your customers as well as your conversion rates. This extension is built using AJAX that makes it faster and more apt to answer your client’s needs. What’s more, Fire Checkout is completely optimized for mobile devices, meaning it will do very nicely at increasing your mobile conversion rates as well. This extension is also integrated with the most popular payment and delivery methods like PayPal, DHL or Royal Mail. Fire Checkout also allows you to customize both your single checkout page as well as your checkout success page by adding fields or content that you deem necessary. Try Fire Checkout right now and be sure to give your customers a unique and memorable experience that will keep them coming back to you.


8. MaxCDN


If you’re on the lookout to either get your first CDN service or upgrade from the one you are already using, you can’t go wrong with MaxCDN. This service promises to get you to a whole new level of site speed and it does not fail to deliver. With their in-house MaxArchitecture, your content will be delivered faster than ever before regardless of the device you’re using or of the size of the file. Their system employs MaxPOPs in strategic locations, an Anycast network with traffic shaping logic that enables you to get the first and last byte faster and a custom TCP stack as well as 100% SSD servers that improve speed and throughput. And that’s not all they’re offering, they also have a first-rate customer support service that promises average response times of under 2 minutes. MaxCDN supplies you with the MaxControl tool that allows you to view real-time reporting, gives you access to instant SSL and SPDY as well as instant purge and instant provisioning of all your changes. Choose to make your website faster with MaxCDN today.


9. Inky Deals


Wondering how to take your design and graphic skills to the next level without spending all your money on products and services? Inky Deals is the place where you can get quality design tools at amazing prices. This site will spare you the trouble to look up and research tools for hours on end. Just browse the site and look over their latest deals to convince yourself of the high quality deals. Ready for the best news? Inky Deals has a 200% money back guarantee which means that if you’re not happy with your purchase, you’ll receive your money back. And you’ll get to keep the product as well! Too good to be true? Then you should head over to their freebies section to check out for yourself what tool you can snatch up for free. Browse through dozens of Photoshop effects, fonts, patterns, resources and vector illustrations and get ready to be inspired by designers from all over the world.


10. DesignVitamins


DesignVitamins is the place that offers you unlimited access to some of the best stock graphics you’ll find anywhere. Their repository is comprised by more than 33,000 items and the team at DesignVitamins is hard at work to add 1000 new items to said repository every month. Speaking of the team at DesignVitamins, it is made up of young design enthusiasts that have amassed more than 5 years of experience and who have set out to create the best quality resources available for their entire community. The tools they offer will surely add the shot of vitality and freshness that your projects or websites are in need of.  Go to their gallery right now and browse through the stock vectors, PS brushes, UI elements, tutorials, textures and more that are available with all subscription plans. With resources like those DesignVitamins provide your work will reach a new level of professionalism and you will be using only the best tools at prices that all designers can afford.

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