Top 10 Graphic Design Blogs for Designers

Whether you are a well established creative designer or a newbie in the field of designing, you need to have some serious designing skills to enhance your blog or website and appeal to your audience. Luckily, in today’s world, the internet has already made your job very easy with thousands of graphic designs, guides and tutorials waiting for you.

There are various blogging services and social networks which makes it even easier for anyone to learn details about how to start a blog. In the case of  design related blogs, there are a huge number of designs available on the web which sometimes makes difficult to choose the best one. On the other hand, it has been proven that the visual memory of human beings is very powerful and we retain what we see or read for a longer time. So the main concern is what can be done using the visual memory of people for their business. The answer is to choose the best graphic design and to create a good logo which will represent your blog.

With all the above facts in mind, we have made a list of the best graphic design blogs for designers which will cover various aspects of design like photography, graphic design and illustrations.

1. Creative Bloq

This is one of the best and most commonly used blog by various designers which focuses mainly on inspirational resources, animators, artists, graphic designs and illustrators. Basically, whatever type of design you like, you will definitely find some tips and tricks from this design. On the other hand, it is made in such a way that all of its content is always geared towards keeping their readers on top of current designer trends and that too with various posts published everyday.

2. Specky Boy Design

This superb design blog was launched in 2007 as one of the publisher’s best web designs, and after that it very quickly evolved into the design magazine which it is today. It usually posts a lot about WordPress and web designs with some weekly inspirational posts and graphic designs for newcomers. Further, it also provides some useful tips for designer agencies and freelancers.

3. Inspiration Feed

These types of blogs are simple and best for newbies and it has lots of resources and ideas for them as compared to other ones. It also has a huge variety of articles, start up tips and social media advice for its readers.

4. Onextrapixel

Onextrapixel was developed in 2009 by a specialized designer team who went to recruit authors across the world which changed into one of the most successful publications today. On the other hand, it offers you a huge variety of tutorials, resources on various subjects. It also comes up with some case studies and analysis on latest designing trends in the market.

5. Creative Market

Creative market is basically an online marketplace for handcrafted content which is open to all designers from different places of the world. Theirs blogs and articles can handle all types of subjects that is from new design trends to inspirational ideas. It will also provide you a step wise guide by you can start your own blog in just few minutes.

6. Design your way

This is the other innovative blog design which provides you with the visual feast of various features. It is one of the free resource for all designers. It has some articles which provides you details of typography and WordPress. On the other hand, all its articles are filled with beautiful images.

7. Designbeep

This blog is all about publishing content for new designers who are looking for some guidance and inspiration regarding latest designs in the market. Like other designer blogs this blog also includes various tips, tricks and free collection for newbies. It also has a new freebie section in which you get access to different font styles, icons, colors and brushes.

8. You the Designer

This creative designer blog is a base design for beginners as well as professionals. It has features that give more emphasis on the artistic qualities of designers rather than only looking on their technical skills. It has various categories like business and photography which you can browse easily on it.

9. Codrops

This is a type of designer blog which offers content on all latest trends, techniques and ideas in the web designing industry. It is one of the most useful and innovative designer blog for developing content, tutorial, blueprints and freebies for their readers.

10. SitePoint Design & UX

Last but not the least is this blog which is actually a cream of the cake when it come to designing resources. It has all the resources in the stepwise format which makes the work easy for readers.

So, these are some of the best graphic design blogs out of which you can choose the best ones for you.

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