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I think I speak for all of us when I say that digital creatives like to work with the finest tools and resources available to us. Many Web Developers and Designers are constantly on the lookout for tools and resources that will help make their life easier when it comes to designing, unfortunately the truly useful ones aren’t always easy to come by.

In this post the team at Designrfix have scoured the internet in search of the most useful tools and resources available right now and compiled them in a comprehensive list.



In need of easy, yet efficient designs for your WordPress site? The Ultimatum is a great theme builder, providing you with the facility of dragging and dropping the components onto the areas of the screen you want them in. One of its best qualities is the list of available design elements, which happen to be so many you can’t stop scrolling.

Talking about the good parts, it is simple to understand, so that makes it perfect for beginners who don’t know any programming at all, it has an automatic creation of Child Themes, you can share layouts through importing and exporting and it has a good responsive design, working also on mobile devices. The bad parts aren’t many, but they include the fact that sliders don’t support custom post types or that many operations lack feedback.

Hoewever, Ultimatum is an incredibly powerful platform and it also offers fantastic support tools. You can read through a lot of documentation, join the pleasant community, watch different helpful video tutorials about the subject or even attend live webinars. This way, you’ll get all the knowledge you need in order to use the platform!



Testing across different web browsers has become much easier now, thanks to Browserling. It’s an outstanding online web testing service that lets you test cross-browser compatibility of your websites. As we all know each browser has its own little quirks that we need to design around them.
There are many multi-browser screenshot utilities on the Internet, but today we have the new and the really useful Browserling. It gives you the chance to actually test your website, clicking on links and test interactively.

In addition, it has many features, such as a Live API that lets you embed browsers in your own application on demand and automate them with JavaScript, responsive testing, to change the screen resolutions and resize browsers, and, coming soon, you’ll be able to record videos of browsers and share the screen. Try it out!




Instapage is a really efficient tool made in order to help anyone with no coding experience to create and publish a landing page, which can be of any kind: sales page, webinar sign-up page, mobile app download page, facebook landing page, thank you page or even small business website. It features numerous designed templates and an intuitive drag and drop page builder, helping the beginners to create their desired page.
Another feature is the ability of A/B testing in order to receive feedbacks about the page, accompanied with analysing clicks and viewing all these results in a real-time dashboard. It is really easy to use and another interesting aspect is that you can choose what counts as a conversion – whether it’s a filled out form and/or click of a link/button.




As the design of your project is of great importance, MVP Ready offers a wide range of tools that can help you with it. For example, many Popups & Alerts (such as Modals, Lightbox, Labels, Badges, Dropdown Menus, Tooltips, Popovers, Alerts, Progress Bars) are available. Furthermore, as chartings are a must in every project,  Donut Charts, Pie Charts, Horizontal Charts, Vertical Charts, Line Charts, Area Charts, Scatter Charts, Stacked Horizontal Charts, Stacked Vertical Charts, Stacked Area Charts, Auto Updating Chart are included in the package.



You can easily capture website screenshots using Shrink the Web, a highly acclaimed service and the best thumbnail provider. You can choose from a lot of exclusive pro features like URL-to-PDF conversion, inside page, custom size, full length or widescreen captures if you choose a basic or plus account. If you use it for the first time you can easily do that by simply creating a free account, having your own profile and capturing any website screenshot that you want.




PowerMockup provides you wireframes for PowerPoint presentations. It is also good for storyboarding, with the PowerPoint presentation features, you can present, slide by slide a tour of the user interface. If you want to make it more interactive, you can use animations, link and actions and is a very easy to use toolkit wheter you have coding or design skills or not.


Themify Ultra


The Ultra theme from Themify comes with a lot of pre-designed Builder layouts, 6 different styles for post layouts that you can choose from slider, fullwidth, masonry, grids, polaroid, and overlay and many other great features to help you design your WordPress site.




TeslaThemes offers seriously cool and unique premium WordPress themes. Theme shops like this are rare and while most theme shops will have a few stand out themes, Tesla manages to keep nearly all their themes exciting and different. All of them include free update, responsive design, their own framework (Tesla Framework) and premium support.




The Create WordPress Theme gives you opportunity to select from full-with or boxed layout as your main site container. You can customize header with 3 layout style  and improve its look by selecting custom color options and menu types. This way you will be able to create unique websites from the same template for every business or personal needs.




Do you think you need to have a lot of HTML skills in order to build a website or a simple blog? Not at all, if you use SnapPages, a great website and blog builder which provides you a lot of proffesional themes and designs being really easy to use with just two simple actions:drag-and-drop! Also, they have a lot of special features, one of them being very useful for your new website:SEO integration which ensure all of the websites created are optimized for search engines making them more easy to find by other people.




MH Themes provides users with a lot of premium magazine themes for WordPress, known for their many features, custom widgets and options to customize your website. They exceed in their quality and are especially made for online magazines.
We hope you enjoyed our list of web resources and we encourage you to try them, in order to experience what is like to have a total boost of workflow.

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