Best Backup Plugins for WordPress (Free and Premium)

Best Backup Plugins for WordPress (Free and Premium)

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular content management software ever created to allow users to build websites and blogs. So, now you need not become a tech wizard to actually start your own blog or show to the world your creations through a website.

But what if, after all the efforts, you lose your data in WordPress? Believe it or not, this actually happens quite a lot. Well, don’t you worry for long because there are great back-up plug-ins that are specifically created to provide a solution to this specific problem. All are free and absolutely effective. So, even if the content of your website or blog vanishes, you will know they will never really go away.

Everything about the Back up Plugins for WordPress

How can you lose your files?



So, if you really want to know how you may lose your files one fine morning, then the following will help you. Although, it’s not like you will lose them every other day.  But once or, for the unlucky ones, more than once calls for installation of a solid backup.

  • Virus Infection– It may just happen that a malware hits your website, but this will result in the shutting down of your website.
  • Security Breech– It is possible that your website is hacked or fire, flood or a blackout can cause the server provider to shut down for a while.
  • Careless Mistakes– You will know if you have a website code, even misplacing a comma is an absolute ‘no’. So, this can result in the shutting down of your website hosted using the Godaddy.
  • Accidental deletions– It might just happen that you either delete a file or your host does. Of course accidentally. But then, back up is your only savior then.

Top Five Backup Plugins for WordPress

  1. BackWPup free 



This extremely popular back up plug-in has more than 400,000 plus active installations. One of the most popular plug-in, BackWPup Free offers the following:

  • Automated and real time backup for cloud
  • Security scanning options.
  • Supports versatile files and functions
  1. UpdraftPlus-



The Updraftplus Backup and Restoration is a wonderful plug-in for WordPress. It is one of the highest ranking software that has over 500,000+ installations. The features include:

  • Automatic backup and restoration
  • Schedule databases quickly
  • The Premium version manages large websites even better
  • Supports multiple and variable systems
  1. Duplicator



Supports the latest versions of WordPress, this plug-in is free and the premium version is of great quality as well. The outstanding features are:

  • Simple and user friendly
  • Supports serialized string replacement functions
  • Easy mobility functions throughout the application plug-in
  • Great for those who are tech-savvy
  1. WB Clone-



This is a WordPress plug-in created by WP Academy. It’s gaining great popularity because of the following cons. Some of its specifications include:

  • Allows copying the WordPress site to another domain
  • Move between local servers
  • Automatic backups for website and blogs
  • No need of FTP access
  • Easy and simple to use
  1. BackUPWordPress-



Allows you to find a great WordPress back up plugin service, because of the following features:

  • Works in various OS
  • Restores entire WordPress website along with database
  • Does not take up much memory
  • Available in multiple languages

If you still don’t know which path to take regarding plug-ins on your WordPress account, check out this awesome article by  for more information about choosing the right safety plug-in for your website.

Tips to Back-up in the most efficient way

Remember in order to back up your WordPress website most efficiently, you need to constantly check your files if they are updated and restored. Also, remember to constantly update your plug into find the latest features.

So, now that you know about these plugins, you can blog freely or you can extend the features of your website, without worrying about losing your files ever.

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