12 Top Web Development Tools That Every Designer Should Use

Are you looking for some online tools and applications to quickly improve and simplify your next project ??? Here are 11 Fantastic Web Apps that will serve as your next personal project manager & assistant!

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You can trace the origins of many of today’s advanced programming languages right back to the days when the world was a much more simplistic place, in computing terms.

As this resource that looks at programming, sets out to illustrate, a good part of the interesting recent developments in this sphere can be traced back to the system architecture that were the foundation blocks laid down all that time ago.






Pidoco is the solution for anyone who is searching for rapid application prototyping and wants it in a snap. It is versatile, intuitive and it’s fun to use. With Pidoco you can easily create any type of prototype you need – from basic wireframe to fully interactive simulation. The 400+ element library gives you plenty to work with, but you can also start by uploading existing screenshots and linking them up via hotspots. It’s up to you whether you want to add touch gestures and page transitions to make the mockup feel more realistic. Once done, you can view it in your browser or on a mobile device or share it with the team in just two clicks in order to collect feedback via the commenting function.

With just a click of a button you can generate specification documents, based on the wireframes and the received feedback – very helpful if you need an actual document to hand to a client. Another feature that makes Pidoco stand out is that you can create templates to be reused across a project. Since templates can be designed as global layers they allow you to quickly change large sections of a prototype without duplicating work.




Want a web app that’s flexible enough to work with the needs your business’ data needs? Then you might want to try out TeamDesk, our sponsor this week. TeamDesk is web-based database software that enables teams to easily design web-based database applications or use predefined solutions to gather, share and manage business information.

If your business has been using spreadsheets to manage data, and need something a bit more robust that everyone can access and work on together, then TeamDesk is a great solution. It’s a versatile database app that lets you use its premade apps or put together your own online app to work with your data. It’s almost like building a custom Access app for your business, except this time, it’s online and everyone can use it together.




Why everybody is recommending Usersnap you may ask ? Because it’s the fastest and easiest way to get visual feedback from your users directly from your site. This awesome tool will save you a lot of time by doing a process that could otherwise take days after days. Think how your life could be by never requesting a screenshot again. Usersnap is lifesaver which will help you get bug reports in a few seconds. You can use complex tools or you can switch them off to be more simple. When talking about annotating issues with Usersnap, it’s a piece of cake. You can even invite your team members to collaborate and discuss screenshots to come up with the best solution.




HTML5Maker is more than one of the best online services out there, it’s like a partner you can call whenever you need to create rich multimedia content that is also helping for SEO, as the animations you create are compatible with Google AdWords. You can also use it as a banner maker.With this useful tool you can realize top animations or even presentation without being a programmer or have any design skills. It’s really easy and pleasant to use.  Don’t forget than even with the free version, you’ll get really nice features.




With Themify you can easily build the website of your dreams. Using their fantastic Theme Builder you can do everything you can think of, without being a programmer and without having certain skills. This page builder is the most powerful tool on the market and the interface is very intuitive and user friendly.





Framebench is more than a  cloud-based online collaboration. It’s the best communication and feedback platform that will help you keep in touch with both customers and team members in order to make your project run smoothly. It has lots of features like chaning a slide in your presentation and everyone will be able to see it in real time.





DealFuel is most oriented to web designers but web developers can also find interesting things there, as there are specific and important deals for this category. If you are a web designer you will find icon bundles, WordPress themes,software and tutorials that will really help you in your journey. Being a member of DealFuel can help you spoting the best deals and promotions.


Ghostlab App



What everybody can tell you about Ghostlab App, is that it’s a powerful cross-browser testing tool and is more user-friendly than most solutions available. It has a significantly better user interface and it’s easy to use. They’ve built the world’s most powerful dev tools into Ghostlab App and even tweaked them a bit. This means you not only get to inspect the DOM on any connected device remotely, but you can also make live changes to the DOM and its style. These changes will immediately be synced to all connected devices, giving you instant feedback on what your edit is going to do to your site on other devices.




Bugrocket strives to make the bug tracking experience as simple and user friendly as possible. The app has been stripped down to the bug reporting/tracking process to the core essentials but still has all the features you need like access controls, mentions and syntax highlighting. Spend less time configuring your tools and get back to working on the projects you care about.




Most people say that ShopSite represents the most efficient E-commerce package on the market and we agree 100%. With this solution you can efficiently manage any online store, transactions or merchandise. It’s the most simple solution to build an online store in a matter of minutes and without headaches. In a few words, it’s the leasing solution for creating and running a profitable online store.





If you are asking yourself why should you use Wideo, here is the perfect answer: it’s one of the best and intuitive online video tools to use for creating awesome animations. After you create your video, you can easily share it on social networks or embed it on any website.


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