The 10 Best Resources For Web Professionals This Autumn

It’s not always the easiest task to find the right tools to help you in your everyday work. The market for tools and resources dedicated to web professionals is full of products each designed to supply a need and every one of them achieving its intended purpose with various degrees of success.


We thought we’d lend a helping hand to all web professionals out there looking for the resources to help them in their everyday work and let them know about 10 of the best ones we know.


1. Muffin Group – BeTheme


Have you ever imagined that one theme could offer you over 150 ready to use, pre-made layouts, with one-click installation? We’re telling you that this is possible with BeTheme, Muffin Group’s most elaborate and popular theme. Thanks to its amazing variety of layouts, remarkable features and a high degree of customizability, BeTheme is the best choice for you, regardless of what type of website you’re running. Better still, you don’t need any coding skills to work with BeTheme, you only have to pick a layout that suits your needs and then proceed to customize your website. With over 200 shortcodes at your disposal, making your website do exactly what you always imagined it would do has never been easier. In addition to this, if you’re setting up an E-commerce website and you think BeTheme might not be what you need, rest assured that this theme is both E-commerce ready and multilingual ready. Moreover, BeTheme is compatible with the most popular plugins available for WordPress so you won’t have to pick and choose amongst them. As soon as you purchase BeTheme you will be on the receiving end of some of the best support available online and you are also assured a lifetime of updates.


2. Jupiter


Over 20,000 users around the world are currently using the Jupiter website builder to create beautiful websites of various profiles. With an astonishing combination of advanced content importers, different layouts, header styles and post types added to a user-centered intuitive control panel, Jupiter will help you create the website you want and fulfill your vision. This theme is responsive, mobile friendly, supports retina display and also adapts itself into every screen resolution, having been coded and designed to look perfect in the full range of devices. What’s more, Jupiter V5 is on the way (coming this November), and it is packed with nothing but the best features. It comes with a deep codebase refactoring, theme restructuring and massive performance enhancements. In order to improve E-commerce websites running on Jupiter, new WooCommerce capabilities and new contact form styles were introduced, and a pricing table builder was also added to the theme. With even more header styles added, fancy title ornaments, gradient coloring capabilities for page elements and blending effects added to page sections and hover styles, you will be able to customize this theme to your heart’s content. Additionally, you can add Instagram blog posts, Twitter blog posts and Quote blog posts and top it all off with a sleek photo album gallery. Other wonderful Jupiter V5 features worth mentioning are: multiple markers in Google maps, Ajax portfolio sorting, Timeline, shape dividers and Shape icon boxes. You simply cannot go wrong by choosing Jupiter V5 for your website.


3. Argento


Argento has everything you could ever ask from a Magento template. Encompassing Rich Snippets to maximize clicks via rate on SERPs, Easy Slider 2.0, Ajax Search and Suggest Page, it’s safe to say Argento is one of the most advanced Magento themes ever created. It was designed with SEO in mind, it offers free installation services and it comprises 14 of the most popular Magento extensions. Here to make your E-commerce website more efficient, Argento was created using CSS3 and works flawlessly right out of the box. Faster, stronger and better, this theme was created to take your website to the next level. The talented team behind Argento made sure this theme is compatible with iOS, Windows and Android and that it looks amazing on small displays and large screens. Tests were carried out in several browsers to ensure Argento performs excellently and your clients enjoy a pleasant experience every time they access your website from various devices.


4. Metronic – #1 Selling Ultimate Bootstrap Admin Theme


Metronic is the ideal multipurpose admin theme for businesses of any size. This responsive theme stands out among others because it is constantly reviewed and updated according to current trends and customer feedback, currently being trusted by over 30,000 users. Once you’ve purchased this awesome theme, you are entitled to free download of all future updates for the same license. Metronic will save you both time and money, as it will reduce design and development costs and you won’t have to spend countless hours on tweaking your user interface. It has a super clean code and an intuitive, metro and flat balanced design, so you can rest assured that your website will run smoothly at all times. Metronic is based on the Twitter Bootstrap Framework, which is the most popular HTML, CSS and Javascript Framework for developing responsive, mobile-first projects on the web. It will provide you with everything you need, as it is loaded with thousands of templates, components and plugins, dashboard applications, CRM applications and SAAS services. There’s more good news: custom backend with full support for SASS, Angular JS, material design and RTL writing will be at your disposal. It is easy to understand why Metronic is the number one selling admin theme of all time.

 5. actiTIME



actiTIME is a great web timesheet software that can be hosted in cloud (with security and back-ups guaranteed by actiTIME servers) or downloaded and installed in the user’s office. It was created to help users improve their work by collecting and managing their time, payroll and billing information. It can be used by teams of various sizes. In fact, actiTIME offers a free version for small teams of up to 5 users and significant discount for enterprises. With the help of a user-friendly weekly timesheet, users can easily track time and organize work efficiently with task deadlines and personal performance details without requiring any type of special training for it, as there is no learning curve for the use of this software. Team lead has the possibility of individually locking the timesheet for each user, monitoring the work load of the team and receiving a detailed picture of the extra hours put in, all this thanks to the overtime tracking and report feature. This awesome tool will also make it easier for you to provide your clients with a detailed report on the performed work, as you can create both non-billable and billable tasks, and accompany each billable task with an hourly billing rate. Moreover, you can also compare revenues with expenses calculated on the basis of user rates in the Profit/Loss Report section. With all these great features you can rest assured that future projects will be delivered on time and within budget. All in all, whether you are a manager or a freelancer, you will make your business stronger with actiTIME.


6. BugMuncher


Not everyone is a tech savvy, which means that it can be difficult to identify the issue your user is facing when you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle. If you’re all too familiar with receiving bug reports that only tell you a button isn’t working, then you’ll love the simplicity and efficiency of BugMuncher. This nifty little tool will eradicate the need of you asking for a screenshot from a user ever again. Instead, you’ll receive all the relevant data that you need to pinpoint the problem and recreate the conditions of the feedback report. All the info will be sent straight to you email box. Among others, the report will include the user’s operating system, browser, any installed plugins and the path they took through your website. Identifying bugs has never been this easy before. BugMuncher allows you to focus on your work, which is much more important than sending emails back and forth, requesting additional info. To this end, it also provides integration with third party tools like Trello, Zendesk, Jira, GitHub and Zapier that help you better track your tasks.


7. Icons8


With the help of the Icons8 App your website and applications will look better quickly and easily.

Offering more than 17,000 icons compatible with iOS, Android and Windows the team at Icons8 made sure that they will supply your every need. Now, your users will be able to enjoy cool icons from any device.

Icons8 products can be exported to Photoshop, Xcode, and others, in various formats: PNG, SVG, PDF or EPS. It’s a piece of cake to recolor the icons you want to use on your site. Browse through the extensive categories with the help of the fast search feature and choose the icons that best suit your site and style.

Icons8 is not only a team of creative minds. The 4 designers and 6 developers behind the project are also very interested in listening to the community’s suggestions. A great majority of the icons were inspired by Icons8 users, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can go ahead and pitch your idea as well.


8. FastWebHost


FastWebHost is a web hosting service that runs cloud on app technology, a superior platform for your website, and also provides the best web hosting features at a convenient price. By choosing either one of their great web hosting plans you will get unlimited bandwidth and MySQL databases, free domain transfer, free domain parking and the latest cPanel. They provide live customer support 24/7 365 days a year and they also guarantee 99.9% uptime. The FastWebHost servers are highly reliable and of the latest technology, including Intel Dual Xeons based systems, which means that your website(s) will constantly be in good hands. Additionally, for your added protection, IPtables Firewall software was also installed on all of their servers. With FastWebHost you will get an abundance of scripting languages and software such as phpMyAdmin GUI, PHP Web Hosting Support, XML, HTML Editor, Preconfigured Scripts, Server Side Includes and many more. Managing your website will be a walk in the park thanks to features such as Webalizer Statistics & Logs, Backup/Restore and more. There’s no reason why you should be on the fence any more – choose FastWebHost and see for yourself what web hosting plan is best for you.


9. Firecheckout


The checkout process is the least fun part of an online shopping session, so you want to make sure that it is at least quick and easy for your customers. To help you with this –and much more – use the Magento one step checkout, Firecheckout. This is a revolutionary tool for E-commerce websites that will improve your store’s sale, keep your customers happy and make them want to pay a second visit to your website. You won’t need to make any core modification to your website, as Firecheckout provides support for all shipping and payment methods: PayPal, Secure Pay, Cash on Delivery, TNT, Fedex, DHL, UPS, and more. Firecheckout’s responsive design is optimized for all devices: laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and this awesome tool is available in thirteen languages. Firecheckout is highly customizable, so you can place three custom content blocks on the Firecheckout page and improve the success of your checkout page by adding two custom content blocks to it. Additionally, you can enable or disable customer fields, as well as define default shipping and payment methods. Basically, thanks to Firecheckout you will reduce six checkout steps to one, which your customers will highly appreciate.


10. actiPLANS


actiPLANS is a great leave time management software that will simplify the leave management process in any company and save both employees and managers from having to send a bunch of time-consuming e-mails. Since actiPLANS is aware of the fact that all companies are different, they made it possible to customize actiPLANS to any company policy and business thanks to a number of flexible PTO accrual rules. Managers will be able to set the frequency of accruals, schedule balance resets and define overdraw limits with ease, while employees will be able to check their paid time off balance at any time.  Thanks to the shared leave calendar, co-workers will be able to know when it’s a good time to go on leave, while managers will be able to draw a realistic work plan because they’ll be aware of the available recourses. actiPLANS will automate the leave time management process, calculate paid time off balance and leave no room for error. On top of this, it provides seamless integration with actiTIME, the infallible timesheet software that will make a huge difference in managing time and controlling past and future leaves in a more efficient way. In addition to all of this, there’s an actiPLANS mobile app coming this November that will help you notify co-workers  when you are running late or need a time off.


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