Top 20 Different Photoshop Effect Video Tutorials

Would you like to learn more Photoshop tips and tricks to help you create amazing images? This list of top 20 different Photoshop effect video tutorials will certainly help give your edited photos more creativity. Whether you have been working with Photoshop for years or you are new to it, there are photoshop tutorials for beginners who are just learning how to use photoshop or tutorials that can help guide the novice photo editor. No matter your skill level, these twenty tutorials will be sure to help you learn something new when you edit pictures or give you some creative inspiration for your next project.

1. Disintegration Effect

Make your image look like it’s wasting away by trying out this disintegrating effect. The pieces of your masterpiece will come together will looking like it’s falling apart. With this step by step video, you can create your own logo or edit your own photos with no problem!


2. Brick Wall Portrait

A background image can be taken to the next level by making the background a part of the image. Learn to blend a brick wall background with any kind of photo to create a textured image.


3. Pencil Drawing Photo Effect

With this Photoshop cc tutorial, you can change an image to make it look like it was drawn. This how to photoshop tutorial is easy to follow so that you can get the look you want.


4. Cartoon Effect

Out of the many cool photoshop tutorials, creating a cartoon effect is a classic. With this tutorial, you can bring your inner child to life to create yourself in cartoon form. This photoshop cartoon effect is just like something you would see on the tv!


5. Hollow Head Effect

Transform an original image to one that is literally mind blowing! After creating this silly image, show all of your friends what you’re made of. This hollow head photoshop effect is unique and can be used not just for the head, but for any body part.


6. Text Portrait

Create a powerful image by adding text to any photo. This tutorial is a fast way to make an image that means something. Whether it’s adding inspirational words, names, or places, a photo with words speaks louder than one without.


7. Cracked Face

Create a horror movie effect that is a bit freaky. Give anyone this tough and rough look by using this cracked face tutorial.


8. Create Facial Hair

Among the many easy photoshop tutorials, this one might be the most useful. Be the hero for that friend who wants the fuller beard and give him a few extra hairs he wants.


9. Mirror Effect

Test your photoshop skills and try out this advanced mirror effect. This simple effect takes around 5 minutes and gives such a great finished product!


10. Mirror Box

Spin around a boring image and give it that 3D look that you want! This mirror box effect is the way to to give a new life to that plain old picture.


11. Rain

It doesn’t need to be physically raining outside to capture rain in a photo. Make your own rain by following this step by step tutorial without getting your camera wet.


12. Ink Smoke Effect

This cool photoshop tutorial could be your way to achieve that perfect photo! Using blending techniques you can manipulate any image to get that inky smoke effect.


13. Head/Face Peel Effect

This effect make it look like your friend’s head is peeling like an orange or a potato.


14. Watercolor

Another artsy effect using photoshop can be obtained through this photoshop tutorial. Turn your photos into a “watercolor looking” painting without spending all of the time, materials and energy.


15. Double Exposure

Blend two different images together by using this double exposure photoshop technique. Any two images such as this silhouette and glacier landscape can be combined to make something beautiful. Without your camera, you can still get this great look.


16. 3-D Image

Make your image jump out even more to it’s viewers by making it 3 dimensional. Don’t forget to hand out the 3D glasses so your friends and family can be wowed at your amazing work!


17. Levitation Effect

Do you want to make your image magical? Give your picture the magic touch by making it seem like an object or person is floating in mid air.


18. Splash of Water

Water can be dangerous. It can quench your thirst. It can do many different things including transforming a picture into something beautiful. Creating an amazing photo will go down without a splash, when you follow these step by step instructions of how to add a water splash to your photo.


19. Fire Effect

Make any photo hot by adding fire. You don’t have to use the photoshop fire filter in order to add fire to a photo. Your picture will not go down in flames if you follow this tutorial of how to bring a little heat to your image.


20. Lightning Effect

Lightning can be so difficult to capture on film. Between snapping the picture at the right time and right place, you don’t always get the perfect picture on the first try. But you can save your effort and go along with this tutorial to add your own lightning.


When choosing which photoshop tutorial to mimic, keep in mind your level of experience and the effect that you desire. But no matter what, I’m sure you will be able to create a cool image!

Be on the lookout for more tutorials to come. Maybe we can even throw some photoshop text tutorials your way. I hope that in viewing these tutorials you are inspired to edit some unique photos.

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