6 PSD to HTML Conversion Benefits that Keep it Alive

This is the era of the internet. It is used for shopping, marketing, communication and so much more. Everyone seems to own a website or at least has a page on the internet dedicated to them.

Having a good website is great for your business. However, creating that fantastic site is not going to be an easy job. There are issues of responsiveness, attractiveness and interactivity of the site. There is a need in web development to consult an expert to help you find a fantastic tool to work with. PSD to HTML conversion is probably the finest way to create sites that function properly on both mobile devices and computers.

The death of PSD to HTML conversion

For years, people have been speculating the death of these kinds of conversions. PSD to HTML conversion is not dead and it is not about to die. Even with the fantastic WordPress and Drupal themes that are being developed to reduce the need for such activity, developers are still doing it each day. PSD to HTML conversions produce premium quality sites when done properly. A site that is not responsive, interactive and attractive is not going to work well in terms of business growth.

This is where converting PSD files to HTML sites comes in to save the situation. There is no denying that WordPress themes have made website development a walk in the park. Within a few minutes you will have your business site up and running. The question remains though, will the site work on mobile devices? Responsiveness might be lacking. Secondly, will the theme allow you to add navigation tools that make your site more interactive? No one wants a site that they will need a map to follow.

Why PSD to HTML conversion is beneficial

In this light, there are a number of reasons why you would want to stick to this form of web development instead of taking the easy route. You know, as they say, shortcuts lead to chaos. Well, it is not all shortcuts which are bad but it is not good to take shortcuts all the time. The advantages of converting PSD files to HTML conversion include:

1. Multi-browser support

There are people who live and breathe Google Chrome when it comes to internet browsing. There are others who want to browse on Firefox, Safari, Opera and even the oh-so-slow Windows Explorer. The browser one uses is going to be informed by their tastes and preferences. Firefox and Chrome are super fast, explorer is slow but it is very easy to navigate. A website that can be accessed through a variety of browsers will always see great success. PSD to HTML conversions make it possible to create a site that is not only user friendly but also readable.

2. Remarkable user experience

Today UX (user experience) design is the in-thing. This involves designing a website to suit the needs of the users. HTML converted sites provide for an excellent user experience. They not only exude professionalism but they also have that premium look that will always translate to superior experience for users. This will result in better conversion rates and also returning users who want to get more.

3. Trustworthy W3C coding

A high quality PSD to HTML conversion will ensure silky support of the standards that have set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). These standards relate to coding, developing, designing and marking up the website. The validation process normally relies on HTML and cascading sheets.

4. On-page SEO flexibility

SEO is a vital tool when it comes to the ranking of websites on the search engines. This basically means that for your site to perform well it should be easy to manipulate in order to add relevant keywords as well as remove bugs. PSD to HTML conversion makes it possible to flexibly manipulate your web pages. WordPress themes might not make bring this much needed flexibility with them.

5. Effective coding

PSD to HTML conversion plays a very crucial role in making certain that the semantic coding process is seamless and flawless. Everything from the slicing of images that have been saved in PSD format to ensuring that the images are appropriate for web display will be effortless. This is one of the biggest benefits of this type of conversion.

6. Brand identity creation

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business and it is also the hardest of them all. One of the best ways to establish a strong brand identity is through PSD to HTML conversion. A HTML website can be tweaked to give it a fantastic identity that is totally unique to your business only. Anyone who gets to see your site will be able to relate it to your brand. It is just like when you see the Google logo you are able to recognize the brand. Simply put PSD to HTML conversion will give your website a very professional look while at the same time standing out from the competition.

The only problem with PSD to HTML conversion is that it is time consuming. Therefore, you will need an expert to handle it for you. This process can give even the most experienced of web developers some serious trouble. Nonetheless the results are often very pleasant. It all depends on the experience of the developer doing the work.


PSD to HTML conversion might be complicated but then it is extremely beneficial. It has been used by an innumerable lot of web developers across the globe for years. There are ways you can avoid it but then it is not possible to deny that it has its innumerable lot of benefits. The above are just some of them.

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