Photoshop Text Styles: 20 Extremely Epic Free Effects

Adobe Photoshop is not only a great tool to manipulate images to produce amazing looking designs but it can also create text effects that make every design epic. There are lots of Photoshop text effects tutorials around the web that will help you in creating stunning  text effects. Following these tutorials will take time and effort , but don’t worry there is a shortcut for that. Photoshop has built in presets that will make this shortcut possible.

Photoshop Styles is used to create text effects with just one click. It can also save your own text effects so that you can use it on future works. It is a very useful tool to use to improve your design and  productivity. We all know that good text effects are hard to achieve and consumes a lot of our time when designing one from scratch. With Photoshop styles, you are always ready to go with just one click. In today’s post you will find the top 20 Photoshop Text Styles to help you create amazing text effects. In case you do not know how to install Photoshop text styles, visit this tutorial: How to install Photoshop text Style. Enjoy.


1. Rust Text Styles

Rust Text Styles


2. Free Ice Cold Style

Free Ice Cold Style

3. Mining Gemstones Text Styles

Mining Gemstones Text Styles

4. Mining Gemstones Text Styles

Mining Gemstones Text Styles

5. Mining Metallic Text Styles

Mining Metallic Text Styles

6. Noble Gas Text Styles

Noble Gas Text Styles

7. Gold Text Styles

Gold Text Styles

8. Metal Chrome Text Styles

Metal Chrome Text Styles

9. Five Various Text Styles

Five Various Text Styles

10. 5 Various Photoshop Text Styles

5 Various Photoshop Text Styles

11. Body Related Text Style

Body Related Text Style

12. Genuine Glossy Text Styles

Genuine Glossy Text Styles

13. Mixed Text Styles

Mixed Text Styles

14. Glossy 3D Text Styles

Glossy 3D Text Styles

15. Paper Text Style

Paper Text Style

16. XioxCorp Styles Pack 2

XioxCorp Styles Pack 2

17. Mixed Layer Styles

Mixed Layer Styles

18. Glass Text Styles

Glass Text Styles

19. Jelly Glossy Text Styles

Jelly Glossy Text Styles

20. Genuine Glossy Stripes Text Styles

Genuine Glossy Stripes Text Styles

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