Why Adobe Photoshop the perfect tool to design a website layout?

As a web developer, you have to work with a variety of tools for creating the most awesome designs for your clients. Similarly, we also have to use different tools for conceptualizing, making wireframes, content creation and code generation for a perfect workflow in web design and development.  

No matter how much-advanced tools we start using, sooner or later we have to come back towards the Adobe Photoshop for designing the best website layout. The reason behind using Adobe Photoshop is that it really fits for creating best mock-ups and wireframe designs to the whole responsive web designs.

Let’s explore why it is considered as to be one of the best tools for designing the website layout.

Easy to adjust the Resolution according to needs

When you work different professional website design templates then it is very necessary for you to design accurately.

The Adobe Photoshop really helps you to pinpoint the features on the vector-oriented basis. It easily creates the complicated designs which can be scaled infinitely but still look really great.


adjust the Resolution

Image Source: photoshopessentials.com

Similarly, it works great with different screens sizes and the content also gets optimized with every screen size accordingly.

This awesome feature really helps in making the responsive Photoshop layout templates for the clients.

A Variety of formats available – SVG, PNG, GIF, JPG, etc.

This tool really helps in optimizing the web content in different forms like SVG, PNG, GIF, JPG, etc which comes in different formats.

The SVG format is very easy to make like (File > Save As) option. It is also having a whole series of different save options to fine-tune the output forms according to different needs.


Source: contentools.com


Similarly, for different web design layouts, it is necessary that your desired tool know that how to turn it into SVG, PNG, GIF, JPG, etc and how all of these formats can be facilitated.

This whole process of professional web designing is amazing for creating a responsive website and its content accordingly.

Several Font styles are available

This amazing tool has a whole library of providing hosted vector icons and Font style which really helps in making the content designing.

Then you don’t have to worry about what type of font should be kept bold and which should be remaining in small size with a touch of blur.

Font styles

Image Source: www.helpx.adobe.com

It is all present in the Font styling sections which are used to make a web design template.

Font Styling makes a great part in the effective content creation and to attract the readers accordingly.

Easy to work in a Pixel Perfection style

Grid design is very much in trend in these days because it is much like a framework which is used by affordable web design companies.

This innovative feature contains a type of fluid grid named as CSS which really helps you in matching with any of the designs and developing it.

Designing in a grid style manner really helps us to achieve the pixel perfection quality in our web designs.

Pixel Perfection style

Image Source:www.youtube.com

It sets your color spaces, makes your unit as pixels, gives you a different variety of document sizes and turns on the actual settings of Aligning New Objects to Pixel Grid method.

This absolute feature makes the horizontal and vertical edges of objects sharper and crisper.

Best for both – Wireframe web design or Fully Responsive

Adobe Photoshop is much preferred while conceptualizing, making simple wireframes, creating the content such as page elements, icons, etc.

It really works while designing the pixel-perfection based designs for the responsive web design pages.


Image Source: www.i.pinimg.com

This thing makes the tool versatile as compared to other available tools in the market.

Similarly, the advancement in this tool with the time is also making it great for being the first preference.

Works well with Raster

Whenever you are designing a website, the vector aspect of the Adobe Photoshop really works great because of its adaptability feature.

But only vector images are not enough, sometimes you also need the raster images on your professional website design template which really helps in editing, making the PSD files, supporting the layers combination, etc.

This content can also be optimized easily for use on the Web and it is also having the ability to generate the assets.


Image Source: www.printcnx.com

Similarly, the retina images are also in many trends these days which means the multiple versions of each image at twice the pixel density.

This thing can also be acquired easily by the Adobe Photoshop easily.

Time-Saving features makes it prominent

The Adobe Photoshop also provides lots of time-saving features for different web design and development tasks.

The time-saving features include fonts, graphic styles, global swatches, live shapes, dynamic buttons, etc.

Time-Saving features

Image Source:Source: www.photoshoptrainingchannel.com

It really helps in reusing the dynamic artwork and maintaining its consistency. Due to this feature, it can be used multiple times in your document. Similarly, if you turn on the 9-slice scaling option then again the artwork is divided into different nine sections which help in overlaying the grid and scaling it independently.

Exclusive Text and Graphic styles for all your needs

The Adobe Photoshop is the one stop for all of your needs for maintaining the consistency and to work in time with many styles.

It has different kinds of typical text styles which range from character styles and paragraph styles to working with graphic styles.

Exclusive Text and Graphic styles

Image Source:www.digitalartthatrocks.com

You can work well in web design and development services through it without much hard work and time consumption.

Live Shape is a standout feature

The Adobe Photoshop has been able to create and edit the images with rounded corners easily. These images of having rounded corners can either scale along with the artwork, or not.

These live shapes help in creating the ubiquitous rounded corner on different artworks very easily. The corners of a live shape can also be edited by the numbers, in a variety of places, including in the Transform panel.

Global Swatches helps you to update somewhere else

Another very time-saving feature of the Adobe Photoshop is work and creates awesome designs with the help of Global Swatches. If you save any color in the Adobe Photoshop for your web design then you can select Global in the Swatch Options.

Similarly, if you update any of the swatch options like color mix, etc then wherever you will update the same document; it will apply the global swatch feature accordingly.

Existing Framework Integration is possible

The Framework integration or while switching with different platforms into one platform should be a seamless feature; just like the fluid grid functionality.

If you do web design with larger frameworks like Twitter’s Bootstrap then you can add the shared libraries for the components to your design.

Interactive Prototypes helps to seek attention

If you are using the Adobe Photoshop as the main tool to create a web design mock-up then it would be most preferred to add some of the interactions of a basic level to your web design.

It helps in making one of the UX designs and through it, you can make changes to the UI easily even before creating a line of code.

Interactive Prototypes

Image Source: www.notey.com

You can also choose from a large variety of prototyping tools present in the Adobe Photoshop.

Actually this feature of interaction really helps in the functionality as a responsive web design and similarly, it really helps in the Mobile application development too.

Extracting CSS is easy here

Similarly, the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop are having the ability to extract the CSS. The CSS can easily be extracted from the text, artwork, and other content and then can be exported to a CSS file or copy/paste it to your suitable coding editor.

This technique is very useful for web designers for handing off the front-end CSS to a web developer and making it easy as a starting point for formatting when creating the website.

The CSS feature in the Adobe Photoshop also contains the CSS Properties panel is that it can save the PNG files from the artwork.

Extracting CSS in photoshop

Image Source:www.1src.com

In the CSS Properties panel, the CSS created will be for a background image.

With all of these great tools and features of the Adobe Photoshop, it really helps to make the proper web workflow on most of the occasions of web design and development.

It’s not the perfect web design tool, but it has a lot of features that make it useful and one of the most preferred tools.

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