Premium Package: The Best Free Lightroom Presets

Every photographer tries to correct flaws or make a picture unique using retouching in Adobe Lightroom or PhotoShop. It takes a lot of time, and the outcome isn’t always the best it could be. Therefore, we are offering 26 packages with free Lightroom presets for diverse photography genres. Look through these plugins, and download them making several clicks.

  1. Professional Lightroom Black and White Presets Free for You
    In this pack we have prepared for you free 10 Lightroom black and white presets in which you can find the following effects: Soft skin, Hard film, Matte and other. It is the best Lightroom presets for portraits.
  2. Free Sepia Lightroom Presets – Beautiful Presets For LR
    Sepia helps to make the photos look like they were taken a long time ago. What this particular set of professional Lightroom presets with sepia effect is perfect for is old-fashion urban street and portrait photography.
  3. Lightroom Cross Process Preset Free – Receive Quality Photos
    The main feature of these free Lightroom presets is the achievement of a more vibrant color spectrum with the help of a significant shift in the color range and an increase in saturation.

  4. 10 Free Lightroom Presets Wedding
    If your wedding photos are not ideal, don’t worry, because these free Lightroom presets for weddings were created to make any picture perfect, with the help of cold, warm, soft tones and other LR effects.

  5. Free Matte Lightroom Presets
    In this package, you will find amazing free Lightroom presets which are popular today and thanks to which your photos will look professional and have a classic mood. They are perfect for all kinds of photography.

  6. Professional Pastel Lightroom Presets Free
    When using these best Lightroom presets free, you can get a gentle, pleasant mood on the photos and soften some colors to give them a pastel tone.

  7. Best Free Lightroom Presets of 2017 – Choice of Fix The Photo
    In this collection, you will download only the best presets for Lightroom, which includes such effects: Summer Madness, Fashion Vintage, Archetype Films and others.

  8. Best FREE Wedding Lightroom Presets – Summer 2017 Edition
    Photos of a wedding should be ideal and romantic. That’s this dreamy package of top Lightroom presets for weddings will give your photos a nice tone, pastel cinematic and vintage effects.

  9. Free Newborn Lightroom Presets
    Photoshoots of newborns always should be retouched. So thanks to these free Lightroom presets for newborns, your photos will show innocence and tenderness of the baby and will focus on details.

  10. Free Lightroom Presets for Portraits Collection
    The primary goal of portrait photography is to demonstrate the emotional state and individuality. Our portrait presets for Lightroom will help to smooth the skin of the model, remove greasy shine and more.

  11. Lightroom Film Presets Free (Ready to Download)
    In these top Lightroom presets, the retouchers tried to reproduce the graininess, color correction and color contrast of the famous films so that everyone can create a film effect for photos.

  12. Fashion Presets Lightroom Free
    In order to emphasize the details in fashion photography, you can download these fashion free Lightroom presets for photographers. With their help, your photographs will look professional.

  13. Free Lightroom Landscape Presets
    If you are tired of the spoiled landscape photos due to poor conditions, our top-rated Lightroom presets will help you. It can emphasize the mystery of the forest or even change the time of the year in the image.

  14. Free Sunrise Lightroom Presets
    To create pastel tones, soft colors and low contrast in the photo with the sunrise, our free presets for Lightroom 6 will perfectly suit you. Pictures of them will become more fascinating.

  15. Lightroom Sunset Presets Free
    In these Adobe Lightroom presets free, the best filters are assembled, which are perfect for a wedding or couple photography: Orange light Vignette, Warm Light, and others.

  16. Free Lightroom Cityscape Preset – Must-have Filter in your Workshop
    Thanks to the Adobe presets, which are designed specifically for the landscape images, you can emphasize the atmosphere of photography, enhance the boring photos and make them bright.

  17. Free Lightroom Preset Street Photography
    The main thing in street photography is the fixation of the moment. The effects will help you convey the idea of your photo and emphasize the details of the thoughtful silhouettes of the street.
  18. Free Lightroom Car Presets
    Car photography needs a special approach. Free photography presets from this package will help improve the photos, if the conditions were not entirely appropriate.
  19. Free HDR Lightroom Presets for Qualified PhotographersHDR presets are very popular now due to their wide dynamic range. Download these HDR presets for Lightroom and enhance the contrast and shadows of your images.
  20. Free Nightclub Lightroom Preset
    The plugins from this package are perfect for transferring the whole atmosphere of nightlife, without fear of poor lighting and high ISO.

  21. Free Lightroom Presets Vintage
    Vintage photography has always been tender and beautiful with pleasant memories. Our “improve photography” presets will add a “retro” style to any photos.
  22. Professional Free Fall LightRoom Presets
    Best presets for Lightroom from this package were created to facilitate the problematic retouching of photos during one of the most beautiful seasons – autumn.
  23. Free Lightroom Presets Warm
    This plugin fits almost any photo. With the help of free Lightroom presets, you can achieve a warm effect for a few clicks.
  24. Free Cool Lightroom Presets
    If you want to create a vibrant dramatic effect using cool tones, best Lightroom presets from this collection will suit you perfectly.

  25. Free High Contrast Lightroom Preset
    These free photography presets will help make your B&W or color photos more professional and expressive by increasing contrast.
  26. Dark Presets Lightroom Free
    Top 10 Lightroom presets from this pack give the photos a unique atmosphere and rich colors, making them more exciting and sometimes even mystical.

Enjoy the work with these LR presets, and download them for free.

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