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7 Ways to Introduce Photography to Your Kids

Photography for children does a lot more than just developing their eye for what makes a great photo. It can also boost their self esteem, stimulate creativity, and a lot more. While a lot of schools offer photography lessons for kids, these can be expensive. As much as you might want to give your kids […]

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How Designers Can Benefit from Photography

It’s common for visual artists to get a little territorial. A graphic designer may wonder how could a painter ever do what I do?  or vice versa. And it’s true: each discipline requires a different skillset, and if an artist desires to master their craft (especially for profit), they focus solely on that discipline, which, […]

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30 Nicely Designed Photography Websites

Websites play a significant role in photographers’ careers – they are helpful in promotional campaigns; they also help photographers to find new clients and sponsors, and stay competitive among other artists. These websites express personality and individual style of their owners. Photography sites are often creative and unique, sometimes they are simple and nice, it […]

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Top 10 Stock Image Agencies This Winter

With the winter holidays at hand, people enjoy familiar sights and images that recreate the holiday season’s bearings. For designers, advertisers and publishers, the whole wintertime setting heralds a great opportunity to draw in more clients, by using themed images in their projects. This is a list of the ten most laudable microstock agencies of […]

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The Best Stock Image Agencies in 2013

If you’re looking to buy royalty-free images from a good source, the options are manifold. As a designer/blogger/writer, you want to be sure that the deal you make provides you with flawless images to use in your work and for a convenient price. Perhaps I can be of assistance: below you will find a list […]

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