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Tips Photographers Working for Web Designers can utilize

Photographers work in numerous ways and it depends on their skill levels and career goals. While some photographers work with reputed studios and ad agencies, there are others who work as freelancers. There are photographers working for newspaper agencies and TV channels as well. Similarly, there are photographers who work with web design professionals. While […]

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Premium Package: The Best Free Lightroom Presets

Every photographer tries to correct flaws or make a picture unique using retouching in Adobe Lightroom or PhotoShop. It takes a lot of time, and the outcome isn’t always the best it could be. Therefore, we are offering 26 packages with free Lightroom presets for diverse photography genres. Look through these plugins, and download them making […]

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DEAL ENDS SOON: Massive Discounts on Stock Photos!

Tired of worrying about watermarked images and using plain, repetitive photos on your website? Today and today only you can get access to up to 200 images of your choice for $99, only on MightyDeals! This deal ends at midnight, November 22nd, 2017.  What makes this deal so special? Depositphotos offers one of the largest stock photo […]

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10 Tips Of Landscape Photography

Essential Aspects Of Landscape Photography When coming across with the notion of ‘Landscape Photographer’ many people has a surprised reaction, deeming the occupation as ‘quite interesting’. In reality, most of them have to confess afterwards that they do not know exactly what a Landscape Photographer does, and that they do not actually know how Landscape […]

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Become a Successful Professional Photographer with This Course for $24.99

More than 300 million photographs are being uploaded on social media on a daily basis – many of which are not even taken by professional photographers. Rather, they are captured by casual snappers. These posts usually include bored teenagers taking selfies, people travelling in different parts of the world, moms sharing photos of their little […]

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7 Ways to Introduce Photography to Your Kids

Photography for children does a lot more than just developing their eye for what makes a great photo. It can also boost their self esteem, stimulate creativity, and a lot more. While a lot of schools offer photography lessons for kids, these can be expensive. As much as you might want to give your kids […]

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