3 Best Ways To Boost The Speed Of Magento Software

The success of your online stores depends on how fast and smooth it operates. If the site performance is not up to par with others in the industry, then you will lose a lot of potential customers. If that is the case with your online store, then you will need to monetize the Magneto software.

You can check the performance of your store with online tools like PageSpeed Insights. It will show you various areas where you can make changes, in order to enhance the performance.

However, the process to learn and understand Magento Server Optimization is a little complex.

The service pack for Magento Service Optimization includes installation and software configuration of following software programs:


Once a business installs their service pack, a company specialist from Magento will visit the buyer’s premises to provide personal assistance related to running and utilizing the features of the service pack. However, you will need to make sure that your site stays optimized, even after the installation and configuration crosses.

Site monetization requires professional expertise. However, there are some excellent extension tools that can help you do it on your own. For example, the Magento 2 Speed Optimization Extension is one of the most popular tools for easily optimizing your online store on your own.

This extension reduces the size of the images automatically on your site without compromising their quality. It helps in increasing the speed and performance of your online stores. The user experience improves quite significantly, and the site score on PageSpeed Insights will also go up.

Other Methods to Speed Up Magento

Select Fast Hosting

A Magento website can’t reach its full potential on shared website hosting. If you need a good start render time and TTFB, you must make a point to sign up for Magento-Optimized Hosting or VPS. Some of the top hosting service providers are Lexiconn and Nexcess. You can do a Google search to read user reviews and find the best hosting service for your online store.

Compress GZIP to Shrink Page Size

For your website to load quickly, it is required to compress the size of the HTML page to a few kilobytes. This will make your page easy to download. Now enable server-side “GZIP compression” and check instructions to perform the compression method for the web server. Once you do this, you will need to confirm that GZIP is enabled by the e-testing tool.

Maximize HTTP/2‘s Potential

Due to the remarkable benefits of HTTP/2, it is seen to be the next generation Hypertext transfer protocol. There are several performance improvements in this newer Http version that you won’t find in the earlier HTTP/1.x version. The advanced HTTP2 version allows a web browser to quickly load webpages without consuming up a lot of resources.

Performance Benefits of HTTP2 Over HTTP/1.x

  • HTTP2 is binary, in place of HTTP/1.x that is textual.
  • HTTP2 is completely multiplexed that allows users to send several requests over one active connection.
  • HTTP2 can use single connection for parallelism that makes resource loading faster.
  • HTTP2 use header compression so as to lessen overhead.
  • HTTP2 allows enables servers to force proactive responses into the browser caches of a client.


Magento Server Optimization is beneficial for businesses who want to get customers interested and retain them through their fast website speed. This helps their customers perform quick downloads, browsing, and uploading in no time.

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