Top 10 iPhone/iPad Photo And Video Editing Apps For 2012

With hundreds of thousands of apps now available for your iPhone or iPad there’s almost nothing you can’t do with your mobile device and a little creativity. That goes for editing your photos and videos, too. We listed our top 10 here, even though we could probably expand the list significantly. Our ranking is based on functionality, usability, and reliability.


10. Adobe Photoshop Express




Although this app wasn’t released in 2012 the new version 2.1 was. It offers a couple of great enhancements, our two favorites being the border packets and Flickr connectivity. The border packets allow you to check out 22 different borders BEFORE you choose to spend money on them while the Flickr connectivity lets you send photos right to Flickr with the touch of a button.


9. Fuzel

If you like making montages with your photos then Fuzel should be your cup of tea. At just $1.99 from the Apple store you get a package that allows you to create your own custom layouts, choose one of 36 unique preset layouts, utilize 18 different filters to improve your photos, and choose from 17 different frames. Put it all together and you have a photographic work of art that was extremely easy to create.

8. iMotion HD

Some people prefer using the stop motion technique to enhance their videos. If that sounds like you iMotion HD might be just what you’re looking for. This app makes it easy to apply time lapse and stop motion technology to create HD videos ready to be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, and more. The only downside is that HD video is incredibly bandwidth hungry so it can be expensive to export.

7. Camera Awesome

This is one app that sounds foolish but makes you wonder how you lived without it. Camera Awesome takes over the photo snapping functions of your phone to add speed, provide better exposure, and create much sharper images. And once you have your photos on your phone you can edit them using a bunch of great filters and tools. You won’t believe how much better your pictures look at how easy this app is to use. Even the Wall Street Journal calls it an “exciting advance for smartphone cameras.”

6. oSnap

oSnap certainly won’t win any awards for technical expertise, but it’s a fun little app to have if you are shaky on the trigger finger. It adds voice functionality to your camera so that you can take pictures simply by saying “shoot”, “snap”, or “cheese.” You can even activate or deactivate the flash with just a word. Though this app isn’t truly an editing app it may make the need for editing less frequent if it helps you take better pictures.

5. GroupShot

This app is great for families when it’s difficult to get everyone in your group to simultaneously hold still, smile, and not blink. With this handy app you can take a series of photos all a row, then swap out faces to make sure everyone’s looking their best.

4. Viddy

Viddy is one great video app for the iPhone and iPad. It makes taking and sharing videos with your mobile device easier than it’s ever been. What’s more, it includes a bunch of free expansion packs to help you edit and enhance your videos. When you’re through, you can easily share them with your Viddy friends or upload them to your favorite social networking sites.

3. TiltShift Generator

This handy little app is for anyone who likes to add quirky effects to their photos. The app allows for various resolution settings, vignetting, contrast and saturation control, and a lot more. You have to see the results of TiltShift Generator to believe them.


2. Pic Stitch

Another montage creator, Pic Stitch makes it easy to stitch together multiple photos into one complete creation. You have a fair number of editing filters plus 32 layouts, nine different aspect ratios, and custom borders. As always, you can upload your completed creations to your favorite social networking sites.

1. Instagram

Instagram gets our number one slot because it’s really easy to use, has some of the best filters we’ve seen, and adds incredible life to your photos. And by the way, there are some 15 million users who have downloaded the app to date. Instagram offers a long list of customizable filters to enhance your photos or make them look like something to be different. And when you’re done, streaming them to your friends and family is absolutely free.

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