12 Tips To Boost Your Business Using Instagram

Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular platforms in social media. It has gained over 1 billion monthly users which is very impressive. Having that many active users in one place also makes it a good place for marketing and increasing your business.

Social media platforms are amazing places to connect with people. These platforms offer engagement with people and due to this many people have been able to form businesses solely by reaching out to people through social media.

One such platform is Instagram which has quickly gained massive popularity and it seems like Instagram is getting more audience engagement than many other social media giants.

Why use Instagram to grow your business?

Let’s take a little look into the details. Well, even the statistic proves how powerful Instagram can really be.

Brands that properly utilize Instagram  can get engaged with almost 4 percent of their entire follower base. Whereas in Facebook and twitter audience engagement is about 0.1 percent. It is also estimated by iconosquare that about 63 percent of Instagram users follow one  or more brands

As far as competition goes it seems like only 36 percent of marketers properly use Instagram for business purposes.

There are a lot of things you have to execute    before you can   generate revenue from Instagram. The idea to Buy instagram comments is a good one but before you start tweaking the Instagram algorithm there are plenty more to do.

Follow these fifteen tips and learn how to use Instagram to help your business grow-

1. Optimize Your Profile

The first step is to create a killer profile  in order to get into the whole Instagram vibe. . One that speaks volumes. Start with an amazing bio. Bios are like the first impression people will have when they find your account.

Your bio should reflect your purpose and the brand tone that connects with the audience. Most important is to use a clickable link in your profile. You are likely to generate a lot of traffic from that single link.

2. Convert it to a Business Account

Now that you optimized your account its time to take it to the next level. You will be provided with a lot of business tools once you have converted your account. This also enables you to add some extra information like your phone number, email, and businesses physical address.

3. Get a better insight about your audience

It doesn’t matter how powerful your brand or your content is unless you are able to connect with your audience. In order to do that, you will have to analyze them. You can use tools like Instagram insight which will help you to track tons of different aspects like impressions, follower activity, reach, number of clicks, website views, and even the number of saves. You can also add a call to action button that will increase customer engagement.

Then you can use this data to create content that connects to the audience.

4. Create your brand identity with visual contents

Instagram was mainly built as a platform where you can post beautiful pictures and pieces of art.

This is one of the main features that will get you noticed on this platform. Focus on creativity and aesthetics. Use visual content to sell an idea and a solution. Don’t just go all salesy with the products.

If you offer a service then share customers’ feedback, share their stories. Upload photos, videos centered around your brand. Try to make a theme out of it. Be sure to put an amazing logo in your business account.

Visuals do all the talking in the world of Instagram. Our minds remember content in a visual format better than ones with text. But just creating a video is not enough – you need to make it valuable and platform-oriented. Aim to either educate or entertain, or inspire. For example, if explainer videos and corporate videos are good for website’s homepage and email campaigns, for Instagram it’s better to use formats like behind-the-scenes, live videos, user-generated content, etc.
Engage your target audience to do what the video tells them to or take another action that helps your brand in some capacity, such as sharing your video with others on their Stories.

5. Create an active community

The best way to grow any business is to have loyal customers and followers. So try to create your own community. Start out with small groups. Engage with the audience. Try one on one connection. Tap into communities that are similar to your niche and gain some followers from there.

You don’t need millions of people following you. A small and active base would do just fine. Start out small and build your community.

6. Commitment to daily posting

Despite having so many people on Instagram it is not always easy to hold a customer base. You have to be committed to your community. Daily posting can be a pretty hefty task but you have to get used to it.

7. Be responsive

As we said earlier, don’t go salesy. This is a place where you would want to connect with your audience and you would like your audience to feel the same about you.

This is why responding is important. You must not forget the social aspect. Try engaging with your audience without bots. Respond to the comments and tags and dedicate time to talk to them.

8. Utilize your hashtags

Using hashtags is a great way to expand your reach. Use relevant hashtags and also add hashtags with your brand name. Try to come up with your unique hashtags. It’s best to use 3 to 5 hashtags for each post. Try  not to use overused hashtags. Lastly do not spam your post with irrelevant hashtags.

Hashtags are a great way for people to find you. So use it properly.

9. Use Instagram ads

Instagram ads can take you to your targeted audience. Instagram ads also have CTA buttons which can directly take your audience to your website. Use shoppable Instagram posts to promote your sales.

10. Keep the community engaged with contests

Contests and giveaways are a great way to keep your community engaged. This also helps you   better to reach your customers. Tag a friend, like and comment to win this, post a picture these are a few contest ideas that work really well in keeping the community engaged.

Make sure your contest abides by the promotion guidelines and always provide clear instructions in the caption

11. Collaborate with other brands and influencers

Instagram is a great place to work with other brands. By sharing each other’s contents you can gain a large number of followers. You don’t even have to officially partner up with other brands;  instead, use shout outs to promote each other.

Successful influencers are the go-to people when it comes to promoting your brand. The right one can skyrocket your sales. Be sure to do a little background check and see if they have a follower base that will actually buy your product.

12. Engage your followers with stories and IGTV

Instagram has this amazing option of sharing stories that can stay uploaded for 24 hours. These stories can be photos, videos, or even mention tags. IGTV allows longer videos to be uploaded. There is a follow tab in the videos that are uploaded on IGTV that can directly take people to your profile.

Try to provide beautiful and creative videos on IGTV

Final Thoughts

With low competition and high audience engagement, Instagram seems like the perfect place to show off your marketing skills and enhance your business. Be sure to follow these measures to give your brand a boost on Instagram.

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