Website Design: 40 Beautiful Examples

In many of my previous posts on website design I have always categorized the style of websites that I was showcasing. In this post, I have decided to compile some of the most visually appealing websites from all sorts of different design styles that are out there today. From retro inspired designs to the very creative. So if you are looking for some inspiration this article will absolutely get the job done. Enjoy!

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  1. All Designs are nice thanks you designfix to sharing with us…most of the designs not seen before on any css Gallery too.

  2. wowww, nice compilation there you got.
    Many of the site that were built to be stand out of the other are made from a detailed illustrations with a very nice blend of colors. But how about for those who don’t know how to draw?

  3. is such a great example of how something can look great, yet still be fully functional and sell a fantastic product. Their deisgner is a genius. However, we taken inspiration from a few of these sites. Wonderbra is also a great example.

  4. A good list. Most of the sites listed here use creative designing that can be exemplary for web designers. The sites follow web 2.0 designing aspect, slick design, neatly presented data and visitor focused data presentation.

    thanks a lot for the list. It definitely inspire me….

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