Inspiration: Collection of Some Amazing 3d Robots

One of our first post’s was titled: Computer Graphics – 50+ stunning creations of 3d robots. We had some great feedback from our viewers considering it was one of our first articles. Today I have put together another brilliant collection of 3d robots from some talented CG artists that will truly inspire you to create your own.  I hope you guys like these ones as much as the others. Enjoy!

Saturn Sky Transformer, Jason Walker (3D)
Saturn Sky Transformer - 3d Artist Jason Walker
Mazinger Z, Angel Nieves (3D)
Mazinger Z - By Angel Nieves
Robots, Mihail Popov (3D)
Robots - Created by Mihail Popov
RedBot, Andrei Szasz (3D)
RedBot - Created by Andrei Szasz
Spektrum XL13
Spektrum XL13
Survivor By Switchblade
Transformers DEVASTATOR, Javier Carabajal (3D)
Transformers DEVASTATOR - Created by Javier Carabajal
CyberSamurai, Andrea Bertaccini (3D)
CyberSamurai - Created By Andrea Bertaccini
Jeremiah Strong
Green Robot by Jeremiah Strong
Suga, Mustafa Oner (3D)
Suga - 3d Artist - Mustafa Oner
Voltron: Defender of the Universe, Angel Nieves (3D)
Voltron: Defender of the Universe - Created by Angel Nieves
ABC Robot, Paulo César Duarte (3D)
ABC Robot - 3d Artist - Paulo César Duarte
the last robot
The Last Robot - 3d Artist - Ahmed AL Barazengi
Concept Robot, Billy Cheng (3D)
Concept Robot - Created by Billy Cheng
Blind Walker
Blind Walker - Created by Armin Primig
Mantibot-My entry for a robot design competition, Linghan Bai (3D)
Mantibot - Created by Linghan Bai
Mech: Worker Bot(old One), Andrey Yamkovoy (3D)
Mech - Worker Bot (old One) Created by Andrey Yamkovoy
Björk 2, Lee Davies (3D)
Björk 2 - 3d Creation by Lee Davies
Watcher, Ruidan Lv (3D)
Watcher By Ruidan Lv
MechWarrior, Ignacio Berge (3D)
MechWarrior - 3d Artist - Ignacio Berge
Pretty Robogirl
Pretty Robogirl - CG Creation by Joao Ferraz
Warbot, Adam Scott (3D)
Warbot - 3d Artist - Adam Scott
Mortuary Robot, Neil Blevins (3D)
Mortuary Robot - Created by Neil Blevins
bottrax - construction bot , dave davidson (3D)
Bottrax - Construction Bot - Created by Dave Davidson
EletroBot - Closer shot, Marcelo Souza (3D)
EletroBot - Closer shot - Created by Marcelo Souza
Battle Crux !, Joel Carlos (3D)
Battle Crux ! - CG Creation by Joel Carlos
Robot by ~fabioragonha
Robot by Fabio M Ragonha
Peter Hofmann
Punkbot by Peter Hofmann
Atlas In Desert, Lombardo Simone (3D)
Atlas In Desert - 3d Artist - Lombardo Simone
150V of pure emotion, Martin Be?ka (3D)
150V of pure emotion - Created by Martin Becka
Diego Robot
Diego Robot - Created by Avasiloiei Liviu
yann Vaugne
Robots - By Yann Vaugne
Droit Labor Mech, Chris Wilson (3D)
Droit Labor Mech - Created by Chris Wilson
noko by ~d0rn
Noko by d0rn
ob-712, vincent guibert (3D)
ob-712 Created by Vincent Guibert
Swervebot Cave Scene, Marc Andreoli, Superscape Inc. (3D)
Swervebot Cave Scene - 3d Artist - Marc Andreoli
Fabricio Moraes
Sad Robot Created by Fabricio Moraes
old robot, Julien CHIARI (3D)
Old Robot - CG Creation by Julien CHIARI
Red Bot, Jerónimo Cabezas (3D)
Red Bot by Jerónimo Cabezas
Blue Wondering, Ramtin Ahmadi (3D)
Blue Wondering - Created by Ramtin Ahmadi
Charley Carlat
Silver Robot by Charley Carlat
Mark Dooney
Robot by Mark Dooney
Zip the robot, Marcel Nilo (3D)
Zip the Robot - Created by Marcel Nilo
Scorbot, saeed hasan zadeh (3D)
Scorbot - CG Creation by Saeed Hasan Zadeh
Kitchen robot, Artur Szygulski (3D)
Kitchen robot - Created by Artur Szygulski
Robot Hopper
Robot Hopper - Created by Tristan Bethe
Bot Design, Darko Markovic (3D)
Bot Design by Darko Markovic
Astrobot - Created by Norio Fujikawa
robot rooftop
Robot Rooftop by Norio Fujikawa
Quadbot - Created by Norio Fujikawa
PD-BOT by Norio Fujikawa

Which of these Robots is your favorite?…way not tell us by leaving a comment below.