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Creating Social Media Logos: 20 Great Examples

In this fast-paced world of competitive business, internet is undoubtedly the fastest medium of promotion to the masses. One of the most revolutionary contributions of online media is the advent of social media and social networking. The power and influence of blogs and social media platforms have a significant impact on our lives. Sighting the rapid success of social media sites, several new sites are being launched that offer social media services.


Inspired by social networking giants like Facebook, Twitter and social media platforms like StumbleUpon and Digg, several new sites are rapidly being set-up for the same purpose. Just like any other online venture, these sites also require a powerful visual identity to represent themselves with.

Elements of Social Media Logos:

The burning question is how to do you create a logo that accurately depicts your social media website? In order to develop an effective logo for social networking or social media site, make sure to include the following elements in the design:

  • Connotation of Symbols: Online promotion sites act as an information sharing platform and connect users to enable sharing with their friends and associates. Using symbols like birds and speech bubbles that denote this concept are suitable in social media logos.
  • Appropriate Color Scheme: Social media and social networking sites are all about socializing and meeting friends. Hence, light colors like blue and pink that produce friendly, responsive effect are pertinent to use. Citing examples of famous sites like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg and Orkut, you will observe that they employ blue or pink shade.

To get an understanding on how identities for social media sites should look like, take a look at these 20 inspiring examples of social media logos:





Sosial Media

Spooky Tweet





 Social Chemistry

 Social Innov

 Social Life

 Social Media

 Social Network

 Social Phantom


 Social Splash

 Social Plex


 Social Swirl



 Logo Resources




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