10 Business Cards You Wish Were Yours

Is your business card bland an uninspiring? Does your business card motivate customers to call you, or does it end up in File 13? Do you wish you had a better business card design, but you’re not sure where to start? No worries – you can find inspiration in the following 10 business card designs. Each represents a significant break from the norm, featuring cool designs that command attention and motivate response. Without further ado, here are 10 business cards you wish were yours (so you can design a business card you’re proud to share!).



1. Lose Your Flab by Kapil Bhimekar

This unforgettable business card incorporates a perforated tear-off to represent what a personal trainer can do for you.




2. Luck and Lottery by Alan Wasem

Scratch-offs are featured on this unique business card that fits its designer’s brand name perfectly. Scratch off the service you’re interested in to find out what you win!


3. Kowhai Carpentry by Gordon Beveridge

This business card was printed on cherry wood veneer, adding an elegance that suits the company’s bespoke pitch without question.


4. Two Sisters Photography by Katie Major, Jasen Melnick, and Fizz

I absolutely love these fun and distinctive die-cut business cards, which showcase different owners yet retain brand image nicely.




5. Sienna by Mohammed Ahmed

A rich foil stamp makes this business card design stand out from competitors. It love its new age, yet vintage appeal.


6. Kelly Poindexter Pastry by Damian Messori

Sometimes the most memorable business card designs are those that leave no doubt as to which business their owner is in. This is a perfect example featuring a relevant design and a clever die cut.


7. Mallory O. by Leslie York

Another unique die cut, this time framing a grayscale business card design, I typically prefer full-color business card printing, but this is a great example of black and white done right.




8. Viola Instructor by David Prahl

I couldn’t leave this excellent die-cut business card off the list, since its shape lends itself so well to the proprietor’s business.

9. QM Financial by Bondan ESP

This cleverly designed business card has a simple yet powerful message: the company will help you slash your credit card debt.

10. Show Contact Card by Josh Sanchez

I’m a huge advocate for dynamic photos on business cards, mainly because the standard mug shots are drab and boring. That’s why I love this big, bold business card set that features a closeup of the designer’s face.

What’s your favorite unique business card design?

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this beautiful collection. Just a quick reminder: be original when creating your business card, but don’t forget that a fancy colored business card is not of much use if it does not provide your professional and contact information. Double check your Bcard before sending to the printer. Good luck with your business :-)

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