The Blending of Art and Music: 20 Artistic and Creative Album Covers

When music is the topic of a conversation, it is common to talk about famous bands, singers, artists, composers, and other people who have found their passion and inspiration in this industry. This is because music does not only produce a melody or song that makes listeners feel different emotions, but every composition also has its own story to tell and lesson to share.

Aside from this idea, music also brings out the best talents like in art. Art and music may seem different but these two classical industries and elements can be combined to create an expressive masterpiece. This is known as the album covers.


Album covers are the creative designs that are placed on the released audio recording product of a band or performing artist. These covers do not only show what their music is all about, but also express what it feels like to be part of music. And since it would be wonderful to have a glimpse of what artistry can do when blended with the tune of a song, here are 20 tasteful and creative album cover designs used by their corresponding bands and performing artist:



  “Connect the Dots” Album Art

 Fall Out Boy – Infinity on High

  Frank Popp – Receiver

  Drawing North album cover

  Minnesota Beatle Project


  Things We Wish We Knew


  Stable Ground Album Art

  Fin Fin Fin

  Girl Talk

  Vinyl and Single Artwork

  When All of You Have Gone

  Theoretical Girl – Divided

  Wake Up

  AM To AM


  Notes LP  – Art and Layout

 Broken Chords – Album Artwork

 Things that I wont need



By just looking at these creative samples, you can already realize how the mixture of art and music can be meaningful and extraordinary. As long as the inspiration, passion, and dedication would continue to flow, music will always find its way in every industry – including art expressed through album covers.

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