Andrew Salgado: Artist Of The Day

Andrew Salgado is our featured artist of the day on In this series of posts, we will spotlight talented artists ranging from illustrators to graphic artists all the way to industrial designers. These daily posts will serve two purposes; first, is to showcase the works of these accomplished artists and the second is to inspire all of you artists and designers out there, in evolving art through thoughtful exchange of technique & inspiration. Tune in daily to see who the next artist of the day will be … who knows, maybe you could be our next featured artist.

Andrew Salgado is a Painter born and raised in Regina, Canada. He is best know for his bold, assertive, and generally large-scale figurative paintings. To stay up to date and find out more about Andrew, check out his network.


The Bacchanal



 The Opposite of Intention

 Study for Self Portrait (Red)


 King is Dead / Long Live The Kings (diptych)

 A Shapeless Doubt

 The Quitter

 Trust (Self-Portrait I)


This Wasn’t My Weakness (Self-Portrait II)

 The Bewildered Pursuit

 An Altered Peace

 If One Man’s Joy is Another Man’s Sadness

 In Avoidance of Failure




 A New Kind of Talk

 It Is The Fear That Keeps Us Awake

 Spring, In Limbo


 A Warming Beyond

 The Mannerist

 The Archivist

 The Tide