20 Absolutely Inspiring 3D Street Art

Have you ever seen works of art on the street that are in three-dimensional? If you haven’t, this is known as 3D street art. When viewed from a particular angle these paintings will create a 3D illusion which is simply amaze you. In this article we have put together an amazing collection of 3D Street Art that will definitely inspire you. Hope you Enjoy!


1. Relaxing On A Beach Side

This 3D street art creates a wonderful illusion of a relaxing environment on a beach, soaking up the sun. The props used in the paining like carpet, bag, umbrella and chair makes it look like real.

2.Escaping Mummy

Seems like something mysterious is happening inside a pyramid in Egypt. The 3D painting creates an illusion as a mummy is escaping.

3.Monsters Underworld

Painting reveals monsters are breaking free from the ‘underworld.’ The painting creates more impact as it is done in a busy public area.



Make your way into the wide open sea with a surf boat and hand glider. This amazing piece of art is done in a shopping mall.

5.Ice-Cold Grants

The bottle of Grants looking more irresistible as it is floating amid broken ice shields. This giant-sized Grants-bottle painting is impressive.

6.Pool in Lodz

Lovely swimming pool depicted covering 11×8 meters of floor area in Lodz mall.

7. Water Reflection

Four people leaning to look at their reflection on the water. It’s a brilliant illusion art with four people identically dressed as the figures reflected on the painting.

8. Floor Plan On The Floor

The painting shows the floor plan of the shopping center along with one million in numeric, which probably depict the number of footfall.

9. Karl Pilkington

A man sitting on a street corner. This is a very popular 3D street art by The Hotstepper Karl Pilkington.

10. Water Rafting Amid Danger

A couple enjoying rafting experience, but unaware of the danger (croc) ahead. It’s a super cool 3D art for sure.

11. Car Racing

Looks straight out of a 3D car racing game. The picture shows a car crushing out of the wall.

12. High Rises

The painting displays colorful high rises coming out of the ground.

13. Wine and Fruits

The painting shows delectable artwork with grapes, apple, pie and wine.

14. Jaguar Temple

Tiger sitting in the middle and a jaguar staring on it. The sculptures, stairs and creatures creating fabulous impact altogether.

15. Aquarium

This is a simple painting that resembles a small aquarium with fish and quivering water.

16. Abu Dhabi Highlights

Highlights of Abu Dhabi displayed amid a street painting. You can trace the elements of Souk Al Markazi, the Grand Mosque and Burj Kafila.

17. Giant Boat

A giant boat heading towards a beach. It’s a lovely picture showing the beach, boat and a sparrow.

18. Faces

A strange face on display. Looks like a mask, a sleeping man or what is it?

19. Lord Jagannath

This 3D art is much more than mindless vandalism. The art makes this mythological figure look real.

20. Pineapple

Pineapple on the street. The shadow of the fruit makes the impression more real.


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