14 Creative Single-Page Portfolio Websites for Inspiration

When designing a website intended to show off your design skills, less is often more; in the name of keeping your visitors focused on your impressive portfolio and skills, sometimes anything more than a single page is enough to make exactly the point you want to get across.


If you’re getting ready to dig into your latest portfolio design, take a minute to have a peek first at these 14 creative single-page portfolio websites for your inspiration:

1. Wes Henry Digital Studio

Wes Henry Digital Studio

The beautiful and simple website of Wes Henry Digital Studio gives viewers an instant look at both the website designs and art created by the studio, using simple side-page additions to offer increased functionality.


2. DannyDiablo


This web developer and designer offers more content than you may think would fit on a single page, bringing everything together beautifully over a dark background.

3. Galoper Design

Galoper Design

Galoper Design gives its visitors an in-depth look at the abilities of its staff with a clever use of frames, keeping all of the information limited to a single page from the visitor’s point of view.

4. Etienne Ledemay

Etienne Ledemay

Using a simple navigation tool to bring visitors’ views and reviews of creations one at a time, French designer Etienne Ledemay combines a unique look with an impressive portfolio to give users a reason to stick around.

5. Janine Pring

Janine Pring

Talented designer Janine Pring’s website sports a colorful look, combining a simple view of portfolio and biographical details with an impressive design, all focused around an excellent call to action facing visitors the moment the page loads.

6. Jorgen Mortensen

Jorgen Mortensen

Barcelonian web developer Jorgen Mortensen’s website strikes its visitors immediately with its bold yellow design, using page anchors to take visitors to various pieces of information, including a fantastic portfolio, with a single click.


7. Derrick Workman

Derrick Workman

Getting personal is a sure way to make potential customers feel more comfortable about hiring you, and everything about the design of this website is personal. From the use of personal details and a candid photo to the excellent integration of a portfolio and skills assessment, Derrick Workman gives his visitors every reason to consider him for their next design job.

8. Web Design Lady Studio

Web Design Lady Studio

Packing a whopping amount of information into a single page can be a chore, but the website of Web Design Lady Studio does just that, giving a full-featured website experience across a single (very long) page.

9. Fernando Leite

Fernando Leite

Giving every section of his beautiful single-page portfolio site a unique color scheme and layout makes the website of graphic designer Fernando Leite a fun one to visit, especially where inspiration is concerned!

10. DesignDribble


Combining personal and product information with a simple but attractive portfolio and contact form, Design Dribble’s website stands as a great example of what the combination of simplicity and content can achieve.

11. Bestwebsitemakers


Calls to action abound on this beautiful one-page offering from Indian design firm Bestwebsitemaker, luring customers toward products and services while presenting them with an excellent reason to be considered when there is hiring to do.

12. Web Design Lab

Web Design Lab

The website of design studio Web Design Lab offers a unique take on combining information on a single page, leading visitors deep underground to get to the very root of what the firm has to offer.

13. Theme for a Beer

Theme for a Beer

As if their unique means of being paid for their work wasn’t enough, the folks behind Theme for a Beer offset their ingenuity with a beautiful design that gives visitors a full and in-depth look at everything they have to offer.

14. Blockquote Design

Blockquote Design

Also ranking among the most unique in our list is Blockquote, a beautiful example of what a solid grasp on design and visitor expectations can dream up. The date-organized portfolio is simple to navigate and gives the visitor an impression of the designer’s growth over time, adding confidence to the decisions made by potential hirers.