Best Homepage Design Examples

10 Of The Best Homepage Design Examples

Getting the design of a website’s landing page right is an exact science. Miss the mark, and potential customers are going to click away almost instantly. Getting it right means perfecting two things: communicating the company’s Unique Selling Point (USP), as well as including a Call To Action (CTA). Both of these things means that you can grab your audience straight away. Here are ten homepage design examples that get this balance right.

10 of the Best Homepage Design Examples

1. Bear CSS:

This site explains its mission clearly at the top of the page, letting users know exactly what they do. The best part, though, is its’ CTA. It asks the user to ‘upload html now’ on an urgent looking orange button, which their mascot on the page is actually pointing to. Everything on that page is encouraging the user to get started with them.

2. Essay Writing Service:

Their header image features a strapline that sums up what they do. It also shows a price calculator, allowing the user to quickly price up the work that the company can do for them. A quick and easy way to get a price straight away means that the user is more likely to go with this service.

3. Font & Technology Specialists:

This site features one of the best ways to show off what you can do. The landing page is entirely text based, which is to be expected of a company that designs type. The eye is drawn to the phrase, ‘We are the company behind type’, and the user can switch fonts and weights to see exactly what the company can do.

4. Bills:

This is one of the homepage design examples that, rather than presenting a static landing page, offers an interactive tool that viewers can use. It starts by showing a slider, asking the user to check their debt amount. Then, it asks two more questions, so it can offer personalized advice to the potential customer. It’s not a lot to ask of them, but it’s enough to get them invested and wanting to know more.

5. Trusted Writing Service in Australia:

This site’s header text spells out exactly what the company can do for the user. Next to this, it features an order form titled ‘Place An Order’, along with a large CTA button that reads ‘ORDER NOW’. Everything is encouraging the user to start using the service.

6. Hipstamatic -Camera:

This photography app wants to entice you to use it, so of course, it needs the user to see how good their photos can be. It does this by displaying its features on a giant iPhone in the middle of the screen. Below that, there’s a large yellow button that encourages users to download the app.

7. Capture What’s On Your Mind:

The CTA is displayed prominently on the top of the page, shown in bright green against more muted colours. Scroll down, and it gives a short rundown of what Evernote can do for you. It communicates that they have a large range of services available, without overwhelming the user.

8. Top Essay Writing Services:

This site has an interactive feature front and centre, allowing users to personalize their own service. There’s only one drop-down menu and three small sliders, but it allows the site to instantly bring the user a list of services they may want to use, bringing them closer to conversion.

9. 4 Rivers Smokehouse:

This website knows that to bring customers in, it needs to show off the food and the ambience of the restaurant. It does this by using high-quality photography and video, showing the user just what to expect when they visit. By conveying the luxury of the restaurant through imagery, it gives an instant sense of what they’re about.

10. Money Manager:

This financial service site doesn’t use any jargon on this landing page. Their headline and subheading use clear English, making it clear what they do. Also, the CTA button features a padlock design, making it obvious that working with them is safe.


These are just ten effective homepage design examples. Remember to use the combination of a Call To Action and your Unique Selling Point when selling yourself or your product, as when done well it can make conversion rates go up dramatically.

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