Successful Ecommerce Design in 2015 : Tips and Tricks Infographic

As a web design professional, there can be little doubt that at the least, a good percentage of your engagements would be related to online business and ecommerce websites. While your primary job function may or may not include working on any business or sales and marketing related features of your clients’ sites, you will surely agree that if you can include some aspects of such features in your work, you can make significant value addition to it.


Fortunately, there are several design related tasks and features that can play an important role in the ultimate success of an online business. You can incorporate such features in your design work without much difficulty if you know just what to do.

A comprehensive infographic recently published by – a leading ecommerce news and advice blog – illustrates twenty actionable tips for creating a successful online business in 2015, including several design-related tips.