Significance Of Color: Using Blue As An Online Brand Color

When choosing a dominating color for your web project take into consideration the color you select because it is one of the first things visitors will notice when visiting your website. Each color has a different significance and impact on the way visitors view your products and services. So it would be wise to learn more about the colors you choose when attempting to build your online brand.


In this article we will speak a little about the color blue, and how it’s the most popular brand color all over the world. Blue stands for trust, security, stability and responsibility. If to speak about how people react to the color blue, it helps them relax. Additionally blue represents intelligence, purity and sincerity.

Being a universal color, blue may be a good fit for many kinds of business, but it will be the most effective for online businesses related to Social Media, Finance, Health Care, Technology and Airline Industry.

The Bottom line

Understanding the importance of color in branding will help you build a strong business identity. To further strengthen your brand you may also use blue when creating other promotional materials such as logos, business cards and product packaging just to name a few.


This infographic is for everyone interested in psychology of colors and its role in design. When you start searching for the right color scheme for your design, browse this infographic for the useful information about one of the most popular colors in web design. What will you discover from this infographic? The type of sites that use blue as the primary color, the power of the color blue in branding, its 55 shades, popular mixes with other colors, gender preferences and the meaning of color in different cultures. All this will help you make the right choices when deciding what color you will use.


For more information and details on using the color blue in your next web design project, checkout the interactive version of this infographic.


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Darren - October 23, 2012

very informative post !!! great share author

aledesign.it - Creative Graphic - October 25, 2012

I love infographic…and I like so much Blue colours… Thanks for sharing!

Anny - October 31, 2012

Helen, you presented an amasing infographic! Kudos!! As always, your works are awesome


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