49 Elements of Your Product Page That Will Increase Orders [Infographic]

It does not matter how enticing your products are, if your product page sucks, you won’t break even.

In eCommerce websites, you’re just as good as your product pages. You can create the most stunning product on the internet, but if your product page isn’t well optimized to convert, all your marketing efforts will be a flop.

Below, you will find the 5 elements that have proven to boost product sales.

1.  Schema.org Integration For Products Price

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Schema.org is one of the newest evolutions in SEO. It is considered to be a robust SEO strategy yet; it is highly underutilized. Research has it that less than 0.3% of webmasters and internet marketers use it on their pages.

The major work of schema is to provide your customers with additional information about your product, including prices, reviews, and rating within the search engine snippet.

This will enable search visitors to decide if they want to click or not quickly. According to SearchEngineLand, “including rich snippets on your product pages can increase SERP click through rate by 30%. “

Check out this article by OmniStar to learn more about how to use schema.org for your product pages.

2.  Use a Clear Call to Action Button

The primary aim of a call-to-action is to drive clicks and trigger sales, but a call-to-action can only achieve this when it is clear enough and strategically positioned on a product page. This is the single most important design element that can greatly increase your conversion rate.

Interestingly, if you check on the internet today, you will still see a lot of e-commerce websites that are lacking a clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA), whereas most don’t even have a call-to-action at all.

Research by SmallBizTrends shows that “70% of B2B websites do not use a call-to-action.”

I understand that writing a call to action that will hold your customers by their throat and compel them to click is not easy, but you have no other choice than to master it. Stop giving baseless excuses for your lack of effective call-to-action.

You need to develop a sense of urgency while crafting your call-to-action, use scarcity marketing, and also be a little pushy. The aim of your call-to-action is to entice your target audience to purchase your products.

3.  Offer Free Shipping

One of the best tactics to boost the sales of your products is by offering your customers free shipping. However, you need to be careful while doing this if not, it will run you out of business; the damage could be disastrous sometimes.

Do you know that half of the merchants on the internet offer free shipping? This might surprise you, but it’s just the truth.

Some retailers have a certain condition to be met before shipping for free, while others offer “always free,” no wonder Amazon makes lots of sales. Just like JCPenney, Amazon offer free shipping when you make a purchase of at least $25 or $50 respectively.

Similarly, Nordstrom offers free shipping for every purchase on their store; as a result, people are now used to the idea of free shipping, and if you’re not using it to boost your sales yet, you’ll be losing customers.

4.  Include a Video of The Product

If you’re not yet utilizing the power of product videos on your product pages, you’re incredibly missing out on sales.

A Recent report by comStore stated that “85% of American internet users viewed online videos in August alone which resulted in a groundbreaking 6.9 billion viewing sessions.”

Videos now appear in 70% of the top 100 search engine results. Interestingly, people are 144% likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. This is a marketing tactic you can’t overlook if you’re serious enough.

5.  Show Other Related Products

There’s no doubt that showcasing related products on your product pages will help to boost your sales.

Most people are often confused as to what they want when they’re browsing an e-commerce store; it’s your duty to guide them by showing them some of the things you think they might need based on their searches.

Amazon does this best, go to Amazon store, and you will see how they often display products that are related to your current searches, and most time, shoppers often take them up for it.

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Implement this on your product pages too and see how it’ll impact your sales.

ecommerce product page design

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You don’t have to over stress yourself to increase your product sales; these are just the basic strategies that if you apply now, will significantly boost your sales.

The aim of every product owner is to make sales, therefore you need to develop strategies that will enable you to achieve that.

I’ll advise you start trying these strategies one after the other, come back here and give me the result later.