Ways to Make Your Ecommerce Store Stand Out for The Holidays

With the holiday shopping season approaching rapidly, now is the time to get your site ready to serve the crowds of joyous gift givers who will be clamoring for your finely curated array of products. To keep them in a gifting frame of mind when they visit your site, here are five ways to make your e-commerce store stand out for the holidays.


  1. Run A Wishlist Campaign


People love giving to others, but sometimes they have a hard time figuring out what it should be. Establishing a wishlist social media campaign and promoting it among your existing customer base is a great way to have shoppers create wish lists and share them with their friends—thus reducing the likelihood of giving and receiving unexpected, and possibly disappointing, gifts. Text along the lines of “Wondering what your friends want for holiday gifts? Log on to MyEcommerceSite.com, create your wish list, encourage your friends to do so, share it among yourselves and get exactly what you want this holiday season!” This feature makes it easier for everyone involved and positions you to benefits of all of those purchases.


  1. Remember the Less Fortunate

The holiday season is an ideal time to organize a charitable event. Choose a cause near and dear to your heart, or something likely to register with the core of your customer base. Invite people to donate, or offer a discount on products they purchase for donation. If you have a brick and mortar location, host an event and promote it on your site. Shoot lots of photographs so you can feature it on your social sites. The key is to put the charity first. Yes, you’re doing it to promote your business—and that will happen if you emphasize the compassion.


  1. Post a Selection of Holiday-Themed Landing Pages

These will set you up to garner SEO traffic from people searching for “holiday gifts” without having to invest in a bunch of AdWords for those keywords. Plus, you’ll add a measure of holiday festivity to the look of your site, which will help spread the cheer of the season. Another great idea is to employ a logo generator to create a custom holiday logo for your website. These landing pages can host items best suited for gifting, which will also make it easier for shoppers who are struggling with gift ideas.


  1. Holiday Oriented Blog Content

Your organic content campaign is ideally suited for holiday-oriented posts. Write about holiday traditions around the world. Offer readers survival suggestions for attending holiday events without going up four dress sizes, or depleting bank accounts. Run listicles featuring obscure holiday movies, (for those who have seen It’s a Wonderful Life 50 million times) or fabulous celebration ideas for people on limited budgets. The more helpful the content, the more traffic you’ll draw and the more shoppers you’ll generate. Just remember ‘tis the season to give. Keep the 80/20 rule in mind, and you’ll do your fair share of receiving too.

  1. Get Your Site Ready for The Additional Traffic

If all goes well, you’ll see a significant spike in your traffic, particularly on Cyber Monday and the days immediately preceding December 25. Check with your hosting provider to confirm you have the bandwidth to deal with it, or you’ll wind up missing out on a lot of potential business when shoppers can’t get your site to load.


These five ways to make your ecommerce store stand out of the holidays are generous, fun and profitable. The more you do to mark yourself as someone who loves to give, the more you’ll receive from customers glad to business with someone who puts others first.  


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