Summer’s Coming – Who Has The Coolest Ice Cream Packaging?

With the familiar humidity beginning to sweep through the streets, we can safely say it’s going to be another scorching summer.  But what better way to diffuse the suffocating heat, than to head face first into some ice-cold delectable ice cream?  However, how do you choose your favorite?  With mouthwatering packages from brands big to small, the design of the packaging is almost as delicious as the sweet treat itself.  Here are some of our favorite, mouthwatering designs.



This tasty little number from Häagen-Dazs screams purity!  As the ice cream itself is all natural and made with only five ingredients the packaging perfectly positions this frosty summer treat as pure and simple.

Ciao Bella!

This bliss-inducing gelato company has us reeling from the packaging alone!  The vibrant colors and imagery are a feast for the eyes…and the packaging is as fun as the name.


Honey & Mackie’s

Honey & Mackie’s breaks the mold.  The lighthearted and playful designs appeal to children, while the natural, locally grown, organic ingredients are turning parents’ heads.  The wholesome, kid-friendly design puts fun at the forefront, but gives parents confidence that their little ones are getting the healthiest version of this summer treat.

Mammoth Supply Co

The name alone shouts masculine.  This sturdy, no-nonsense package, with a hefty fill size helps men reclaim their much coveted shelf space in the fridge.  From the very literal copy, to the simple design, we are loving this big hunk of man ice cream.

Loseley Ice Cream

Though their doors have long shuttered, we couldn’t help but include Loseley Ice Cream in the mix.  Known for their luxury sensibility with a sense of humor, British favorite says decadence with a smile.  Ostentatious yet hilarious, I feel like I’m looking at the next Kardashian Kristmas Kard!

Talenti Gelato

This Italian delight differentiates itself from the standard cardboard container by utilizing this premium clear plastic version that showcases the product and its purity.


Chumbi Ice Cream

The name and the visuals are as evocative as the flavors themselves. This kitchy gourmand brand of ice cream is certainly breaking the mold in terms of flavors and its visual appeal. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into what will surely be an experience.

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