Myths and terms every graphic designer should know

Graphic designing is a profession that is loved by many people as it has a scope for creativity and the graphic designing can be done from home in flexible hours. The graphic designer can be his/her own boss if he/she work independently by starting their own website or doing the graphic designing jobs available in various websites.



Let us have a look at some myths and terms which every graphic designer should know:

   1.Graphic designing can be chosen as a profession by anyone.

This is a myth which makes many people frustrated but it is always better as soon as they come to know the reality that not everyone who can create some designs can be a graphic designer.

   2.Designing is never done on paper or started as rough sketches

Graphic designing as the name suggests is supposed to be done in graphic designing software such as Adobe, Illustrator etc. and never done on paper. This is a myth and every great design starts with a rough sketch on paper which undergoes a lot of changes to become a final design.

   3.Graphic designing is an art which cannot be learned but born with

This is another myth that graphic designers are born with talent and cannot be earned through practice and hard work. Graphic designing is an art which gets better and better with practice and by putting effort.

   4.The designs can be created in a split second on the computers

This is another myth that the graphic designs can be created in a fraction of second by using computers and graphic designing software. A graphic design needs a lot of effort and time to shine in the real world.

   5.Graphic designers are their own bosses!

This is another myth that the graphic design that has to be delivered to the client is the choice of the designer and there will not be any corrections or changes recommended to them. As any other job, graphic designing has to be done in co-ordination with the client, taking advice and knowing their requirements.

   6.Graphic design process is a cakewalk!

This is a myth most of the technical people assume that graphic design process is very easy. They think that graphic designing does not require much coding and it is very easy to do graphic designing.

Graphic design Process



The terms used in Graphic Designing

The terms such as Raster image and vector image are commonly used in graphic designing. The common way to create raster images is through Photoshop. These images cannot be used in software as they cannot be resized easily. Vector images can be resized easily and he is the term often used in graphic designing. As these images can be resized easily, they are used in logos and other graphics.

DPI and PPI are terms used often in graphic designing. DPI stands for ‘Dots per Image’ and this term is used to represent the quality of printed photos and images. PPI stands for “Pixels per image’ and they are used to represent the quality of the image created through Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

CMYK and RGB are terms used in graphic designing very often. RGB stands for ‘Red green blue’ and often used to represent the screen output of documents produced through Illustrator, Photoshop etc. CMYK stands for ‘Cyan Magenta yellow and black’. This term is used to represent the quality of the documents produced through /illustrator, Photoshop etc. The quality of the CMYK colors is less compared to RGB.

Graphic designing is a creative and expressive way to work and this can be fun if done with passion.

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