Growth Of The Visual Web Infographic

Earlier this year, Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion dollars. However, now experts are saying that it sold too early, and if Instagram investors had waited, the photo sharing app could have sold for over $10 billion dollars. Another visually driven site, Pinterest has seen a 1,047% increase in number of unique visitors as of July 2012, when compared then last year. These facts prove, what many already know, the future of the internet is going to have an emphasis on visually attractive content.

Over two decades ago, when the internet was in its infancy, design and visuals were an after thought. The main component of the internet was text, and information. However, now consumers prefer to consume information in a more visually rich format. No one wants to, or has the time to scroll through bulky text. In fact, do a quick search on how to improve your website, and one of the first things that will pop up is, break up the text and add some visuals.

This trend has been due to many reasons, one of which being the increase of mobile access to internet. People are more likely to stay on your site or app for a while if it’s picture heavy, no one want’s to scroll through text on a hand held device. Additionally, now more than ever more people have access to quality cameras. Most smartphones are equipped with a high quality camera enabling more people to be able to upload and share high resolutions photos.

One thing is clear, this trend will keep continuing to grow. If you are someone creating content, or looking to increase your audience, it’s definitely worth noting and investing in visuals. To learn more about the history and current state of the visual web, check out the infographic below by

Visual Web