Graphic Designers Role in Website Designing

Innovation is an oft-repeated term, be it Graphic designing or Web Designing. This is the reason many people tend to bemuse themselves with these two concepts and end up evolving a complex website that is hard to sell. Zero website traffic is always the result of minds working on developing something outside their area of expertise. To explain, both graphic designer and web designer hold specialization in their own explicit fields; however, disasters occur when one tries to do what the other specializes in.


This generates the need of recognizing areas where a web designer should direct his efforts and a graphic designer must couple his artistic efforts to produce unexampled outcomes. Web experts say that, a web designer and a graphic designer has a different role to play. But if one wishes to add that extra panache and iron out the kinks in the old web designing trends; it is wise to create a dizzying layout with web designer and graphic designer focusing on their core competent areas.

Now you must be wondering how a graphic designer can contribute in web designing? Surely, that’s a question to ponder. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Graphic designing can be defined as a creative process. It is a fundamental aspect of every website. Nevertheless, there are some special aspects that a web and graphic designer need to ascertain before beginning a website designing project. Irrespective of the ability to add visual appeal, usability and professionalism to a website, a graphic designer cannot play a web designer’s cameo and visa-versa. There are some explicit areas where a graphic designer should be brought into role in web designing, or else a website would turn out to be a fiasco. Below mentioned are the things wherein a graphic designer can contribute ensuring that others are kept off-limit.

Logo Design


Logo, as known, plays an imperative role in creating a powerful brand recognition. It is designed to represent a company, convey professionalism and build consumers trust. Logo designing is an art and graphic designers are creative monsters with ability to design explicitly unique logos for organizations. This is where a graphic designer comes to the role. He should be asked to create an exclusive web presence for online businesses and help them grow big.



Illustrations form a significant part of graphic designing. It is the graphic designers who are good at creating images that invoke emotions. For websites that require illustrative themes or images to be loaded on the website, need graphic designers who can work on it.



Avatars have become very common for businesses these days. Many business enterprises prefer to use avatars on their websites to add that animated feel and look, which potentials love to catch. So if you are thinking of getting avatars designed for your website, delegate the task to a graphic designer who can evolve professional and alive avatars.



Graphic designers can work incredibly well when it comes to icons. From web-based applications, social media to products and services, icons can be used anywhere on a website to beef up website usability and enhance user experience. Thus, to add special effects in the form of icons, website designers can take the help of a graphic professionals.

In a nutshell, graphic designers with expertise in the designing of logos, illustrations, icons and avatars can do wonders for a website. By adding some bizarre effects created by graphic designer, website experts can successfully sprinkle that coveted, spicy tinge to the website. So the suggestion is graphic designers and website designers when work together can make the web world spin like never before.