Excellent Ideas to Make Money as a Graphic Designer

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Given the current situation in the world, a lot of people have more time to spend at home. Some take this opportunity to be with their families, while others are looking to make extra money.

While there are a lot of industries that have to stop or become limited, those who work on the internet can still find a lot of opportunities. Graphic designers are a good example.

On the other hand, being a graphic designer does not necessarily guarantee that you are drowning in work offers. Some people will need to look for work. And if you would like to get some ideas for potential ventures, continue reading and find out what this article has to offer.

Idea #1 – Sell Photos Online

There is a high demand for photos that people use for blogs, videos, and other content. After all, visuals make said content more interesting. And high-quality photos could be exactly the thing that you can profit from.

Letstalkaboutmoney listed ecommerce platforms best suited to sell photos online. Since you have designing skills, you can use that to your advantage and edit the pictures so they would sell even better.

And while on the topic of content, infographics are another type of visual that could make you a lot of money provided you do a good job creating them. A lot of sites are using infographics to show information in a simple and attractive way.

Idea #2 – Write a Blog

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A blog might take some time to lift off, but if you have a few hours to spare every day, it would be a perfect opportunity to start blogging.

It could be another channel to express yourself. And writing itself can be a good way to relax from regular work.

You will need to focus on content. Writing fresh and interesting articles can be a bother at times. However, you have graphic design skills, so put them to use.

Also, blogging does not have to be just writing on a website. You can also start a YouTube channel or even a social media profile and become an influencer by leveraging your abilities to create interesting content.

Idea #3 – Develop Print on Demand Store

Ecommerce is another profitable industry. And while some markets are oversaturated, there is still room for newcomers, especially when they come up with innovative ideas.

Print on demand is probably the best option for graphic designers. Even if you do not have it in you to develop a store from scratch yourself, there is always an option to join someone who has and offer your services as a graphic designer.

Print on demand merchandise is popular. T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, calendars, and other products will sell so long as there is an interesting design on them. Not to mention that there is basically no ceiling as far as potential profits go. 

Idea #4 – Create Courses

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Online education is something that has been gaining momentum before the pandemic started. Many people are unhappy with what they learn at high school or college and look to change their lives by learning new skills.

Since graphic designers are in demand, you can make money by creating courses and selling them on platforms like Udemy and Skillshare. It will take a while to establish yourself as an authority and attract potential “students”, but if you like to share your experience with others and make money at the same time, work hard and create insightful courses that people will find useful. 

Idea #5 – Look for Freelance Gigs

There are a lot of freelance websites that have thousands of gigs. Quite a few of these gigs are related to graphic design.

Creating ebooks covers, t-shirt designs, logos, banners, social media content, infographics are just a few examples. 

The biggest challenge of making money from these platforms is being the one who is selected. You will have to go up against other bidders. Bidding the lowest amount and having a good portfolio to show are good strategies.

You are bound to encounter problems at first but aim to get a few gigs to start off and ask for positive feedback on your profile after you are finished with the work. The more positive ratings you have, the higher the odds of getting hired for future bids.

Idea #6 – Stream on Twitch

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Streaming platforms like Mixer or Twitch started as a place for gamers. But things have changed, and you can find all kinds of channels now. 

Graphic designers also make content by showing off their skills. There are even some animation studios that have dedicated channels. 

Donations, subscriptions, and partnership deals will be the main source of income. You should make money so long as you have the talent for designing.

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