How to Design a Kickass Logo

With so many businesses competing for people’s attention, how do you go about designing a truly memorable, ‘kickass’ logo?

We’ve come up with eight key principles for designing a memorable logo which we’ve outlined in the graphic below:

Design A Memorable Logo For Your Business

What does it all mean?


   1.Keep It Simple

A memorable logo needs to be instantly recognizable, conveying the brand’s ethos and personality with just a glance.Whether you opt for a recognizable object, animal or company initials, don’t be too ambitious with the visual complexity of your logo. Remember people will only be looking at it for a matter of seconds.


  2.Think Globally

Even if the company is starting small and targeting just the local area, designing a logo with appeal in a wide range of countries will help it remain relevant to a global audience, and enable expansion possibilities in the future. Many logos may work in some countries, but be offensive or irrelevant in others. Creating a logo with universal appeal means thinking of an item or color scheme that is associated with positivity for people from a wide range of cultures.


3.Vary the Background

You may want to create your logo using the brand’s main color scheme, but it’s good to keep it adaptable in case you require it to be used on a third party website or publication and thus require a different background color to be applied. Think firstly about creating two versions of your logo – a light logo on a dark background and vice versa but then build this out to include a range of different color combinations.


4.Pick Your Colors Carefully

Thinking carefully about your color scheme is an extremely important part of how your business is perceived. Every designer should be aware of the psychological effects different colors can have on us, but in addition you’ll need to think how the colors used portray the company in question.

Using a color tool for designers can help you plot out the best color scheme, but make sure you work closely with the business owners to find out more about the company and how it wants to project itself.


5.Don’t Follow the Crowd

There are lots of associated images that come to mind easily when designing logos for different industries. However, does choosing a brick-design for a construction business, a pair of scissors for a hairdressers or weighing scales for a law firm really distinguish that business from its competition?

Choosing imagery that relates to your brand name rather than industry (eg. Apple, Ralph Lauren, Red Bull) makes the organisation seem more confident and innovative.


6.Use Custom Typography

Using custom lettering means your branding will be unique and can’t be easily copied. While this is much more time consuming, creating a new font specially designed for the business or organisation will help them stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Go back to basics, sketching out the design with a pen and paper before developing the design with a graphics tablet or other software.


7.Try it with your Tagline

A memorable logo needs to be flexible for use with or without the organisation’s strapline. Most straplines should be concise and punchy so finding a space on the design where it can be easily-integrated shouldn’t be too difficult.  Having a strapline that easily fits in with your logo will make formatting any future branding much simpler.


8.Target Your Audience

It’s very important to be aware of the organisation’s target demographic before you start designing the logo. Red Bull’s bright logo appeals to young people interested in an active lifestyle, whilst Ralph Lauren’s polo player gives off a luxury feel which attracts individuals within that demographic.

Try to test the affects of your logo on people that match the target audience, tailoring the design to their requirements.If you have any more tips and tricks for designing a memorable logo, please leave a comment with your tips for designing a kickass logo.

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