11 Tips and Tricks for Creating Stunning Business Cards

Since a business card is your first point of contact with your potential client it has to be impressive. A simple and easy-to-understand card usually does the trick for you, in this case. So here are some easy steps that will help you create a professional and distinctive business card that will be a treat to the clients as well as to the user.

      1.Use Good Principles for Designing 

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This is something that may seem to be quite obvious. But you should keep it in mind that a business card is a piece of printed miracle. For this reason, the paper-based design principles apply here. That is why, you should adhere to them. Some of them include things like for best image production you should work at 300dpi, preserve all your copies, at least, 5 mm from the edge of the trim and try to design in CMYK. The most proficient designers use a particular grid system for the right hierarchy of information and also ensure that the alignment is flawless.

       2.It Must be Readable

 When you have a lot of information to display it may be tempting to shrink the text size for the information to fit. But be careful here as small texts may be readable online but it will turn into an illegible smudge once you print it. So stay away from using fonts with detailed calligraphy and Comic Sans. Also keep this in mind that you should not go for a font that is smaller than 8pt and try to stick to a professional and simple look.

       3.Be Creative Despite Restrictions

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 There is a standard size of the business card. Although you may find many other sizes, 3.5 by 2 inches. is the one that is most used. Try to understand the key information that you want to offer like name, phone number and email address and then try to present it in an ingenious way.

     4 .Flamboyant or Plain Jane

 Bright colors can be used for adding a tinge of freshness, originality and excitement to your business card. But never underestimate the magic of simplicity. A black and white card can be as striking and memorable like a colorful one and is often seen to be more sophisticated too.

     5.QR Codes

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 Getting a QR code is a great way for saving space. They are a unique way of including a lot of information on the business card without making it look cluttered. It is a great way to link between your online media and print.

      6.Try to Go for Special Finishes

You can go for special finishes and this will make your business card stand out in the crowd. These may include metallic inks, spot-UV, foil blocking and so on. This way your card will be more visually impressive and perceptible.

    7.Avoid Common Pitfalls

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 There a few common pitfalls that you need to stay away from. You should not go for a straight-forward border all around the card as this will bring to light any misalignment in the trimming of the card. The next one is most obvious as you need to check for the bleed as put forward by your printer which is mostly 3mm, usually, but can also be 5mm, in some cases.

    8.Stay Away from Borders

 Avoid using borders in your business card as printing can never be 100% precise. A perfect border may appear lopsided when printed and hence spoil the entire look of the card.

    9.Design Great Visual Content

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Images speak volumes and much louder than words do. So, while you use one side of the card for providing information, you can save the other side for an image. The image can be that of your company logo, any product or anything related to your business.

    10.Go for Unusual Materials

 Card stocks are mostly used for creating business cards as they are the most affordable option. But you can think out of the line and opt for something innovative like wood, metal, plastic or slate for your cards. This will definitely make it stand out.

    11.Check the Art -Work Again and Again

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 At the time of sending your art-work make sure that you have checked every minute detail over and over again. There is nothing worse than getting your card back after being printed and discovering a typo in the relevant information. It is for this reason that the adage, “Check twice, print once” is so famous in the industry.

    Final Thoughts

The above are some of the things that if you keep in mind will help you to create the most stunning business card. You can use tools like the product design software that helps you create the business card of your choice without much hassle.

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