10 Inspiring Landing Page Designs That Redefine the Mores of Creativity

Conversion is the single highest leverage point for any business. But did you know that 96% visitors to your landing pages aren’t really ready to spend on your product or services? That means you’re left with just 4% of visitors who actually spend on your products or services.

So what should you do to capture the attention of these 96% strangers to your landing pages and turn them into actual paying customers?

The answer is simple!

You’ll need to design your landing pages in a way that takes elements of your brand and showcases them to the world.

And in case you’re looking for landing page design inspirations, check out these 10 landing page designs for an extravagant dose of inspiration.


  1. Add Videos to Your Landing Pages to Engage & Entertain your Visitors – A landing page video can both entertain and engage your visitors in equal measure. Here’s an example from Scooma design: check out how this amazing landing page design makes its visitor stick to it like a super glue.
  2. Take Advantage of Unique Navigation on Your Landing Pages – Navigation remains the lifeblood of any landing page. If the navigation of your landing page isn’t correct, how do you expect your visitors to stick to your site? Creating a landing page with a different navigation method increases the interest of the site visitors in knowing and reading the information provided by you in a different style. They will spend more time on your site.For instance, each link on the website of Quincy Réquin & Associés connects you with a page which provides specific information.
  3.  Make Your Landing Page Interesting With Branded Illustrations – For a very long time, a large number of marketers and businesses have been using images and videos to make their landing pages interesting and engaging. But branded illustrations seem to have replaced the popularity of videos and images. Here’s an example from Gumroad’s landing page, which beautifully illustrates how the company works.
  4. Keep Your Landing Page Design Simple To Capture Attention from the Get-Go – We’re sure you’ll agree that simple is beautiful. Simple and minimalist landing page designs work wonders. In fact, industry veterans and leaders believe that landing pages with complicated designs and complex architecture don’t pull off conversions so well. Here’s a real life example for you: Square Space’s landing page is a simple and minimalist design that packs in a proportionate amount of elegance and panache.
  5. Experiment with Card Layout to Share your Brand Story – As discussed above, images and videos are almost exclusively used by businesses and marketers to communicate their brand message with ease and convenience. But how to put up awesome imagery without making your page look cluttered? By card layout design! The popularity of this layout style can be deduced from the fact that popular social networking sites have already embraced it on both their desktop and mobile platforms. Popular social networking site, Pinterest, uses the card style layout to share visually pleasing pins with its users.
  6. Explore the Potential of Hamburger Menu in Your Landing Page Designs – For a long time, businesses have been finding it difficult to keep the attention of visitors focused on the most essential information. This is where Hamburger Menu provides an optimal solution. This menu ensures that the icons and options appear only when visitors hover over the area making it easy for you to cut through the clutter and present the brand message in a more subtle yet stirring way. Take a look at The Deep End Design’s landing page. See how cleverly the company uses the hamburger menu?
  7. Use Vertical Split Layouts to Make Your Landing Page Even More Interesting – You may find it surprising, but traditional horizontal page layouts are out. So what are your options now? Vertical split layouts are your answer! The split screen layout makes it easy for you to highlight your landing page elements alongside each other without messing up the overall voice of your landing page design.
    Check out how Salesforce brilliantly uses split screen layout and lends equal prominence to all the landing page elements.
  8. Explore the Magic of Gifs to Make Your Landing Pages Stand Out –Adding videos and images to your landing pages can help you boost conversion. But this is no secret. So, how do you make your landing pages stand out of the crowd? Here’s your answer –use GIF images to lend uniqueness and exclusivity to your landing pages! GIF images can actually help you showcase how your products and services can be used in a more compact and automatic way.
  9.  Use Personalized Icons to Lend a Touch of Personalization to Your Landing Pages – The ever-increasing white noise on the web has made visitors desensitized towards the usual. And that’s why marketers now use personalized icons. These icons add a sense of exclusivity to your landing pages and make it easy for you to explain features of your product and services easily and conveniently. Check out how Lyft brilliantly uses personalized icons in its landing page design to explain why one must use the services of the company.

So there you’ve it – 10 inspiring landing page designs that redefine the mores of creativity. Go ahead use one of these 10 design inspirations and maximize your landing page conversions. Looking for more design landing page design inspirations? Please let us know in the comments below.

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