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1001FreeDownloads.com: A One-Stop Shop for Free Graphic Resources

As anyone having some experience with graphics design will readily agree, it may not be an overstatement to say that looking for good quality yet free graphics, images, photos etc. online is somewhat similar to looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. While the now old adage ‘everything is free online’ can be said to be true for many things and various types of content, this does not happen to be so in terms of good quality graphics and photos.


As many of you would have discovered to your regret, the image files and graphics commonly found online are either not of an acceptable quality or require you to make substantial payments for downloading and using them. Now, paying for good quality image downloads is not necessarily a bad thing if you have the budget for it, but what if you don’t? Well, in such cases, your next option would be to go look for free downloads and  wade through tons of sources and files, spending God knows how much of your precious time in the process.

If all this sounds familiar to you, we have a resource to share that will probably make you heave a welcome sigh of relief: 1001FreeDownloads.com.


As you can notice in the screenshot above, 1001FreeDownloads.com offers free to download graphics and image files of nine different types and categories:


The site design and architecture is absolutely simple and no-nonsense, allowing you to navigate to the image category of your interest directly from the header, while also providing a quick and easy keyword search facility. Unlike many other free graphics download sites that restrict the use of downloaded material to non-commercial purposes only, 1001FreeDownloads.com offers downloads that you can use for commercial purposes as well. While you can register a free account with the site, this is a strictly optional feature.


One more particularly noteworthy feature of this resource is the availability of free vectors. As you would probably agree again, high quality yet free vector images are especially difficult to come by and this is an area where 1001FreeDownloads.com really shines. You can see a few samples of their vectors below:

Minimalist Social Icons by DesignBolts


100 Flat Icons by GraphicLoads


Ecommerce Business Icons by DesignContest


Transport Icons by GraphicLoads


Colorful Patterns Set


Lines #2


Soft Soft Patterns


Creative Cloud


Infographic Elements


Geometric illustration


Geometric illustration


Crysis 2 Weapons Suit


DC Comics Harley Quinn Catwoman Poison Ivy


Female Warrior Shooting Arrow



With thousands upon thousands of good quality, free images of various types available for downloading, 1001FreeDownloads.com is certainly a resource worthy of sitting right at the top of the bookmarks for any web/graphics designer as well as for all others who need such files in course of their work.


You can click here to visit the site and start downloading free images.

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