Giveaway: Free Software Licenses from Likno.com

Today’s Freebies are brought to you by the guys from Likno.com creators of, but not only, AllWebMenus which lets you design attractive menus and maps for your sites with minimal effort!

I have to say i was pretty amazed at the resources found on their site. Their applications are primo quality and the amount of help/faqs/tutorials/howto’s is quite impressive. They might be a small software company but they sure don’t act like one.

There is really a lot to see so head on over to check it out for yourselves – likno.com

Licenses are given away for any of the following

Software for creating cross-browser Navigation Menus for websites, blogs (WordPress, etc.), CMS (Joomla/Drupal), and more.

Likno Web Modal Windows Builder
Software for creating cross-browser Modal Windows/Dialogs/Popups for websites, blogs (WordPress, etc.), CMS (Joomla/Drupal), etc. Based on the popular jQuery library.

Likno Web Tooltips Builder
Software for creating unique, cross-browser HTML tooltips for websites, blogs (WordPress, etc.), CMS (Joomla/Drupal), etc. Based on the popular jQuery library.

Likno Web Button Maker
Software for creating Buttons for websites, applications, etc.

Photo Frame Show
Software for adding stylish and fun frames to your photos/images and enhance your online albums, web pages, blogs, mobile wallpapers and more!

How to get it

Pretty simple actually. if you are an RSS Subscriber (by email!)  you are already entered. If not… what are you waiting for? subscribe to our RSS Feed now!

3 People will be randomly selected next week. Good luck!

AllWebMenus PRO v5.3.828

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