Fonts To Use Or Avoid In Web Design: 10 Great Examples

There are several factors to be considered while designing a website and selecting appropriate types of font constitutes a major decision as whatever content is written must be easy on eyes and readable. It is often observed that designers, in order to make the site visually attractive, choose a stylish font but which offers poor readability. Such a mistake leads to negative effect; it can even result in high bounce rate. Thus a Font must be carefully selected which provides good readability and aesthetic appeal.

Different varieties of Fonts are available for free but here we are going to mention those that can add value to a site having excellent characteristics. In addition to this, we will dwell on some Fonts which should be avoided.


5 Free and Quality Fonts

Pompadour Numeral Set

It is a numeral font beautifully crafted and is available under the Creative Commons license. The font is suitable for logo design and packaging design. The font can lend a unique character to a site.


Lobster Font

This condensed script font has drawn attention as it can make the content appear good and attractive with its ligatures and alternates. The font currently offers 70 ligatures and 37 terminal forms. This font offers the right mixture of style and quality.



Piron is another quality font which apart from offering utility as a website font, can be suitably used for magazines, brochures, logos, posters, flyers, etc. This highly legible font is available for free in OpenType format.



The font belongs to the sanserif family and is available under the Open Font License. It can be efficiently used for web use or for desktop usage. It comes with five weights which also includes a hairline style. The current version includes Western character set while pan-European Latin, Cyrillic and Greek extensions are expected to be available in 2011.



Developed by the Deviant art community this font contains an elegant mix of letters and numbers.


These 5 Fonts types are desirable for a web design and can be advantageously used to develop a legible and readable content for a site. Now we are going to have a glance into those fonts which should be avoided.

5 Fonts to Avoid for web design

Comic Sans

Though there is nothing bad about this Font but its suitability for web content is less. The font is apt to be used in matters that are not of serious nature. It would be highly inappropriate to use it for a corporate site. This can be attributed to the fact that it has been over used.


Bradley Hand

This hand written style font suffers because of excessive usage for personal matters whether it is invitation, wishes, greetings, etc. As it is more often regarded as depicting personality, Bradley Hand is not suitable to be utilized for a website.


Franklin Gothic

This Classic look that the font lends lessens its appeal to be used for a website. Though it can be used for Headlines but it is not suitable for usage everywhere on a site.



The font has been type casted for use in office and mail documents which has reduced its appeal for web. The font also is too thin making it unfit for highlighting which is often required on web.



A designer cannot hope to draw attention from the visitors if this Font is used on the site. The Font is considered misfit as it lacks the appeal which is always needed for a site.


As the choice of Font affects the effectiveness of a site, it is important to spend a little time on gauging out its appropriateness. It helps in selecting the right font and makes the users feel good about it.

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