26 Free Responsive HTML5 Templates For Designers and Business Owners

We see a lot of companies advertising about their features being made available on smart phones. What does that mean? It is a way to gain more business. Moreover, it is not surprising to know that today websites are also browsed frequently on smart phones and hence a mobile-friendly website is the need of the hour.  Having said that, it is important for the site’s functionality to be compatible across various devices and platforms.


Considering this need of responsive developers, today I have come up with the list of Free Responsive HTML5 Templates for them. A template is a structured design format with a pre-defined layout to build web pages. Templates come with custom options to make changes in styling and alignment. This allows a user to build a completely new website based on the pre-existing template.

There are templates available for desktop, smart phones and mobile phones. Among these, the responsive HTML5 templates are optimized for smart phones. You will find numerous links to download free responsive web design templates. But, a lot of them are not authentic and face trouble working on smartphones or tablets. So, I have prepared this list of web templates with download links that will cater to your every website designing need. Considering various categories under which templates can be classified, I have selected one or two template designs to cover about 15 categories, including restaurants, schools, hospitals, travel, blogging and much more.

Each template design is responsive and is compatible with various browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more. So go ahead and check this extensive list of Responsive HTML5 Template and choose according to your business.

Please Note: You can download each Template for free or you can donate and have the back links removed.


1) Agrarian: Category/Agriculture:


Agrarian is a template is apt for a large-scale agriculture or agriculture equipment business. It has a high-resolution, fluid responsive theme layout and is cross-browser enabled.

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2) Agriculture: Category/Agriculture:


Agriculture is a responsive web design theme suitable for agriculture though it can be used for other businesses as well. The template is designed with a flat grid system and works fine on desktop, smart phones and tablets.

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3) Konstructs: Category/ Blogging:


If you are looking for a web template for your blog or blogging website then you will surely like this one. Konstructs is a cool template from the professional blogging category. It is high-resolution and compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other browsers.

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4) Animus: Category/ Blogging:


Animus is also a blogging category template with modern design. It has a professionally designed layout for publishing blogs. Moreover, it offers various tabs for storing photos, creating photo archives and more.

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5) Infusion: Category/ Corporate and Business:


Infusion is suitable for your next business, corporate, portfolio or marketing website. This responsive template is created using rich animation and can be customized using various layout options, color schemes and design variations. It offers multiple tabs for displaying information, such as About Us, What We Do, Clients, Offices and more.

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6) Opoiki: Category/ Corporate and Business:


I am sure that you must have checked out a lot of corporate websites, which are crisp and wonderful. With Opoiki, you can also build a website which is equally stunning in design and appearance. Opoiki is a corporate website template that is aptly designed to include all the features of a business website.

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7) Lookz: Category/ E-commerce:


Designing an e-commerce website takes a great deal of effort. But, Lookz is one such e-commerce website template offering unique features such as user-friendly navigation, functional sidebars, add-to-cart options, product images and more.

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8) Sport: Category/ E-commerce:


Sport is a beautiful website template designed with great color schemes and grid style of elements. With Sport, you can easily display product listings, product reviews as well as image previews. It is a perfect choice for your next online shopping website.

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9) Learner: Category/ Educational:


Today, not only colleges and universities, but also online coaching centres and training institutes need a website to share resources and connect with students. Learner is one such website template that is designed with enough space for uploading brochures, course syllabus, reference material and more.  Moreover, it has social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.



10) Learn Centre: Category/ Educational:


The popularity and scope of the educational industry has skyrocketed with the introduction of several skill-oriented and industry-specific courses. Learn Centre is a suitable educational website template though it can also be used for showcasing portfolio and collages.

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11) Elegance Media: Category/ Entertainment:


Elegance Media is an attractive website template that will catch the eye of every visitor. It can be used for magazine portal websites, such as lifestyle, news, travel, movie gossips and more.

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12) Modern Music: Category/ Entertainment:


Do you want to build an entertainment music website? Modern Music is a fancy website template for creating your band’s very own website. It can also be used for music portal websites featuring movie songs, private albums, devotional songs and more.

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13) Showy: Category/ Fashion:


Showy is a classy website template which is perfect for a fashion house’s website or a model’s/celebrity’s portfolio website. The template is powered with features, such as photo gallery, blog, social media buttons and more.

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14) Trendz: Category/ Fashion:


Trendz is a wonderful template design that will surely draw traffic on to your website. The template will help you to build a great fashion website that will become an online hot-spot for fashionistas.

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15) Gamez: Category/ Games:


Gamez is a web design template with a flat grid system. It is ideal for online gaming websites, Xbox and other mobile games websites.

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16) Gourmet: Category/ Hotels:


Just like e-commerce, the hotel industry needs a good website for creating robust online presence. Apart from marketing, there is a lot more information which can be made available on a hotel’s website. Information about the regional/popular menus and recipes, various cuisines, accommodation/booking, tradeshows/seminars and more. With Gourmet, you can easily create a website for hotels, resorts, restaurants, local food points, fast food centres and more.

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17) Umbrella: Category/ Mobile Apps:


Designing an easy to navigate, user-friendly website is important to attract more visitors. Umbrella is a trendy template for designing mobile applications or product-based websites.

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18) Min App: Category/ Mobile Apps:


Today, there are a lot of websites offering several Android, iOS, Windows and other mobile applications for games, themes, wallpapers, live updates, schedules and more. Min App is a cool template design for building mobile application website.

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19) Sleeko: Category/ Personal:


These days, it has become a common practice to design single-page personal websites. A personal website serves as a good resource to share personal images/videos, resumes, personal diaries and more. Sleeko is a personal or portfolio website template that is built using a fancy theme. Its layout features good colour scheme, toggle buttons, full page header and more.

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20) Kappe: Category/ Personal:


Kappe is a unique personal and portfolio website template. The template is suitable for creating portfolio website for photographers, models, artists and more. It is also a good resource for publishing your own blog.

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21) Click On: Category/ Photogallery:


Creating an impressive, online photo gallery is a dream of many. With Click On, you can build a photo gallery website of your choice.  Click On is an attractive and useful website template for creating an online image gallery. It can also be used to design any portfolio website, which incorporates the use and storage of images or photos. Prominent among them would be photographers, real estate companies, painters and more.

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22) Campro: Category/ Photogallery:


Campro is another template design for building a photo-gallery website. The design incorporates several features, such as single left sidebar, social icons, full-width contact page and more.

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23) Turistik: Category/ Travel:


Turistik is a professionally-designed web template for travel agency and travel guide websites. Built on a Bootstrap responsive design, this travel web template can also be customized as per the user requirements. With Turistik, you can build a professional travel website similar to that Makemytrip, Expedia, Travelguru and others.

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24) Travelo: Category/ Travel:


A travel company website should speak for itself.

With Travelo, one can build a beautiful travel website that will speak for itself. Travelo is infused with rich, colourful themes and precise layouts that will help to create a perfect looking online travel company’s website. With Travelo, you can build a professional travel website similar to that Makemytrip, Expedia, Travelguru and others.

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25) Doctor: Category/ Medical:


Doctor is a single-page, website template to create a professional health care website. The template offers several features and good amount of space to store vast quantity of medical literature, case studies, reports and more. It is suitable for building websites for multi-specialty hospitals, medical collages, forensic laboratories and medical centres.



26) Medical Pluse: Category/ Medical:


Medical Pluse is a medical website template that runs on various hand-held devices as well as across multiple browsers.




I hope you find this list helpful. Let me also tell you that these templates are optimized for Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and More), mobile phones (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and other Java, Symbian mobile phones and web. Most of these templates usually come pre-loaded with built-in plugins like revolution slider/layer slider, multiple page templates for portfolio sections, photo gallery, multiple blog layout styles, several home page variations, hover/animation effects and more.

I would also love to know your response in the comment block below regarding this post or any templates which you would want to let us know.

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