eLearning: Train Simple Creative Cloud Mastery Bundle – Only $49

Never touched Photoshop or Illustrator at all and looking to brush up on the basics? Train Simple offers the highest level of training, which you can access anytime on their website. Their courses are broken up into several videos, which can be viewed from start to finish, or with their QuickFind search you can easily find and watch just the movie you need.

Their Technology Tracks give you the ability to take courses in a path that they’ve setup for you. These paths group courses in logical order, and quiz your knowledge. Complete a track and become certified in that area of study.


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Stack Your Creative Resume with 8 Courses from Elite Adobe-Authorized Instructors



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Product Details

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Adobe Photoshop CC Fundamentals

Learn to Create Superior Images & Artwork

By Train Simple | in eLearning


Never touched Photoshop at all or looking to brush up on the basics? This course will put you on the path to creating impressive artwork, and give you the skills to add some creative fire to your resume.

  • Get acquainted w/ Photoshop basics w/ 6 hours of video content
  • Effectively work with layers, blend modes, smart objects & masks
  • Learn to navigate the interface with ease
  • Utilize the selection tool
  • Copy, straighten, transform & scale images
  • Adjust layers w/ basic tools: curves, hue/saturation, vibrance, filter & more
  • Retouch photos w/ tools & brushes: tone, spot heal, patch, sharpen, etc.
  • Play & record actions

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Adobe InDesign CC Fundamentals

Create & Publish Content for Print, Web, & Digital Distribution

By Train Simple | in eLearning


Craft professional-quality eBooks and magazines for digital devices with this top-notch page layout application!

  • Master the program’s interface
  • Create amazing typography
  • Be up-to-date on the industry standard for publishing content
  • Seamlessly work with graphics
  • Easily add captions to graphics
  • Create & place text blocks

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Adobe Illustrator CC Fundamentals

Learn How to Master the Industry-Standard Vector Drawing Tool

By Train Simple | in eLearning


Whether you’re a print professional, illustrator, web designer, or casual digital-artist, Adobe Illustrator is a must-have application for all your vector-based artwork. Learn the key concepts and techniques for producing top-notch work with this full-spectrum training.

  • Review the elements that make up vector graphics such as paths, strokes & fills
  • Utilize the key drawing tools, including the Pen Tool
  • Draw basic shapes w/ pencil, paintbrush & eraser tools
  • Understand the key terminology & tools associated w/ Illustator
  • Combine paths & shapes
  • Create an owl illustration step by step
  • Successfully work w/ type

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Adobe Dreamweaver CC Fundamentals

Get Started Creating & Managing Professional Websites

By Train Simple | in eLearning


This course dives into best practices for building and laying out webpages with Dreamweaver. With this 6.75 hour course, you will learn to create your own website with no prior coding experience required.

  • Understand website structures & interfaces
  • Explore different layouts for sites including fluid grid layouts
  • Get introduced to CSS basics
  • Work with text, including web fonts, text size & font stacks
  • Insert images
  • Properly create hyperlinks
  • Create & understand HTML5 structure
  • Successfully manage an existing site

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Adobe Flash CC Fundamentals

Create Compelling Interactive Flash Content

By Train Simple | in eLearning


Flash is an essential tool that can be used for a wide variety of projects, from interactive web content and video players, full blown desktop and mobile applications, to high-impact, console-quality videos games. This course covers all the fundamentals so you will be fully equipped to use Flash as your projects demand.

  • Master the working environment
  • Learn to create artwork
  • Understand the symbols structure of Flash
  • Create premium animations
  • Utilize the wide array of drawing tools
  • Publish Flash projects in a variety of ways

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Adobe Acrobat CC Fundamentals

Learn to Create, Modify, Review & Share PDFs

By Train Simple | in eLearning


Adobe Acrobat is the standard for creating un-editable documents and this course dives into the ins-and-outs of mastering its functionality. With 5 hours of robust content, this course will put you en-route to PDF mastery in no time.

  • Explore the Acrobat interface & basics
  • Seamlessly create PDFs
  • Convert documents to PDF
  • Search, edit text & graphics, and extract PDF content to use in other applications
  • Create forms, working with interactivity & rich media
  • Make your PDFs secure
  • Combine files, PDF portfolios & more

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Adobe Muse CC Fundamentals

Learn to Create Websites without Writing a Line of Code

By Train Simple | in eLearning


Build a modern website based on basic Internet standards with this introduction to Adobe Muse. This course will show you the steps required to plan, design, and publish a site from scratch.

  • Create a site structure
  • Explore page appearance options
  • Work w/ headers & footers
  • Adjust site & page properties
  • Place, resize & crop images
  • Work w/ objects, layers, elements, styles & effects
  • Format & style text options
  • Create hyperlinks
  • Choose from various publishing options

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Adobe Edge Animate CC Fundamentals

Learn to Create Animations & Build Interactive Content

By Train Simple | in eLearning


Edge Animate Fundamentals will teach you to create animations and build interactive content in Adobe’s new animation tool. Using Edge Animate, you will utilize the latest web standards including HTML5, JavaScript, and jQuery to create eye-catching content.

  • Draw & animate w/ Edge
  • Work w/ the timeline & explore symbols
  • Create timeline triggers & object scripts
  • Make & import artwork
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