Pay What You Want: JavaScript Development Bundle

Master This Popular Language with 10 Courses (+ 2 Bonus Courses) on Dev Frameworks, Database Management & More

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Learn MeteorJS By Building 10 Real World Projects

Rapidly Build & Prototype Cross-Platform Apps with This Handy JavaScript Framework

By Eduonix Technologies | in eLearning


Meet Meteor.js: a powerful JavaScript framework that enables you to develop powerful, production-grade apps across Web and mobile. With Meteor, you’ll have the libraries and tools you need to turn your idea into a live product in no time. You’ll complete 10 real projects in this course—including a to-do app and product review app—and will emerge a far more effective JavaScript developer than you ever thought possible.

  • Master use of Meteor.js to quickly build Web & mobile apps
  • Cement your knowledge w/ 10 projects, including a product review app & custom login system
  • Easily navigate Meteor using the command line tool
  • Use the Cordova integration to create mobile apps corresponding w/ your Web app
  • Understand how to craft & implement a UI
  • Build a wide range of features ranging from login systems to post creation mechanisms
  • Deploy your fully finished apps for use

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Projects in ExpressJS – Learn ExpressJs Building 10 Projects

Add This Powerful Back-End Web Development Framework to Your Coding Arsenal

By Eduonix Technologies | in eLearning


Express.js is a powerful JavaScript framework that allows developers to efficiently approach back-end development. Built on the Node.js runtime environment, it’s widely used by developers due to its minimalism and ease of use, and is utilized in many Web apps today.

  • Master Express.js by completing 10 Web apps
  • Gain the skills to build single page, multi-page & hybrid Web apps
  • Use the full MEAN stack: Express.js, MongoDB, Angular.js & Node.js
  • Learn to use a number of other Web dev technologies: Mongoose, Passport API, SocketIO, Mean.js, Kraken.js, Mongoose & CouchDB
  • Delve into important back-end development concepts
  • Understand general principles transferrable to other app development projects

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Mastering D3 & Rapid D3

Turn Complex Spreadsheets into Effective Data Visualizations with 2 Courses on These Powerful JavaScript Libraries

By Packt Publishing | in eLearning


These two courses will walk you through the D3.js and Rapid D3.js frameworks, both of which are powerful tools for generating data visualizations from spreadsheet data. You’ll dive into the logic behind data visualization and understand which types of graphs or charts are most effective for different kinds of projects. Before you know it, you’ll be turning out visualizations that don’t just look sleek and stunning, but also display your data in the most effective way possible.

  • Use the D3.js & Rapid D3.js frameworks to turn spreadsheet data into data visualizations
  • Set up your development environment
  • Prep your raw data for ingestion by parsing & cleaning it
  • Create different kinds of visualizations: histograms, pie charts & more
  • Label your visualization so that it clearly & accurately displays your data
  • Make your visualization responsive by adding animations & user interactions
  • Add extra features using libraries like Bootstrap, Figue & Lo-dash
  • Debug your code & ensure it executes seamlessly
  • Render your visualization so that it looks sleek & easy to read
  • Understand the principles underlying good visualization & information design

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3D Programming with WebGL & Babylon.js for Beginners

Utilize an Intuitive JavaScript API to Render 3D Images in Your Browser

By Zenva | in eLearning


Take your JavaScript expertise to the next level with WebGL, an API that allows you to render 3D images in your browser without plugins. Used in conjunction with the Babylon.js library, WebGL will allow you to integrate stunning, interactive images in everything from apps to games and much more.

  • Master 3D programming w/ over 18 lectures & 2 hours of content
  • Understand the basics of 3D programming
  • Render scenes, meshes, materials, textures & lights
  • Work w/ cameras to get your desired effects
  • Include mobile support for your rendered images
  • Create stunning environments w/ skyboxes
  • Add Babylon.js apps to existing websites

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Learn JavaScript Server Technologies From Scratch

Master the Most Popular JavaScript Technologies in a Single Course: Node.js, Angular.js, BackBone.js & More

By Eduonix Technologies | in eLearning


Consider this course a one-stop training program to turn you into an undisputed JavaScript master. You’ll dip your toes into the most popular JavaScript technologies today, including powerful frameworks such as Node.js and Angular.js. By course’s end, you’ll have added some serious firepower to your web dev repertoire, as well as your employability and earnings potential.

  • Easily build both server & client systems w/ one language
  • Add some of the most desired technical skills to your resume
  • Get a refresher on basic JavaScript: variables, conditionals, functionals & more
  • Use the jQuery library to easily create Web pages & apps
  • Master a number of powerful frameworks, including Node.js, Express.js, Backbone.js, Angular.js & Ember.js
  • Acquire a highly sought-after skill set to increase your attractiveness to employers everywhere

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Projects in JavaScript & JQuery

Gain Practical Experience in JavaScript & jQuery By Completing 10 Projects

By Eduonix Technologies | in eLearning


JavaScript may enable developers to quickly build robust, scalable apps, but the jQuery library further expedites JavaScript Web development by simplifying client-side HTMLscripting. This course will acquaint you with this dynamic duo, walk you through 10 projects encompassing everything from YouTube API integration to content slider creation, and teach you the art of crafting dynamic, feature-rich apps without breaking a sweat.

  • Master JavaScript & jQuery by building working apps & features
  • Utilize supplementary languages & technologies: HTML5, CSS3, GitHub, etc.
  • Craft statements using variables, loops, arrays & more
  • Build interactive features such as content, accordion & Apple-style image sliders
  • Use the YouTube Data API w/ the “search . list’ method & the FancyBox lightbox script
  • Create a plugin & upload it to the plugin registry
  • Use the jQuery Mobile framework to craft a mobile app

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Learn NodeJS by Building 10 Projects

Use This Popular Runtime Environment to Craft Lightweight, Highly Scalable Apps

By Eduonix Technologies | in eLearning


Further strengthen your JavaScript skills with Node.js, an open source cross-platform environment for creating server-side and network apps. This course will walk you through 10 projects through which you’ll gain practical experience in a number of important Node.js technologies, including HTML, CSS, NoSQL, and much more. By the time you’re finished, you’ll know all you need to create Web apps that are lightweight and highly scalable.

  • Gain experience in Node.js by completing 10 projects
  • Learn about a number of different Web technologies: HTML, CSS, NoSQL & more
  • Quickly & easily create lightweight, highly scalable Web apps
  • Dive into both front-end & back-end development principles
  • Design & build user interfaces for different apps
  • Implement different features including password encryption, user registration, etc.
  • Add a valuable skill set to your development repertoire

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Learn Apache Cassandra from Scratch

Use This Increasingly Popular NoSQL System to Manage Large Quantities of Data

By Eduonix Technologies | in eLearning


When it comes to storing and manipulating large quantities of data, Apache Cassandra is the go-to database management system. It’s designed to operate across many servers, meaning you can still access your data with no problem if a server fails. In learning how to use this increasingly popular NoSQL system, you’ll supercharge your JavaScript knowledge and add an invaluable skill to your web development repertoire.

  • Get an overview of basic Cassandra concepts
  • Install Cassandra onto your computer
  • Seamlessly navigate Cassandra’s data model
  • Use CQL to insert, select, update, alter & delete data
  • Build tables & utilize queries
  • Craft server-side web apps w/ Node.js
  • Select, display, add & update users

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Learn NoSQL Database Design From Scratch & With CouchDB

Become a Pro at with These 2 Courses on Creating & Implementing Web-Based Databases

By Eduonix Technologies | in eLearning


Delve into CouchDB and MongoDB, two Web-based open source databases that allow users to manage large quantities of data. In these two courses, you’ll not only learn how to use these particular databases, but also gain a crucial understanding of database management principles applicable to other programs.

  • Understand the general concepts underlying NoSQL systems
  • Dive into the CouchDB & MongoDB open source databases
  • Design databases to make your data easily accessible and manipulable
  • Get an overview of Big Data principles
  • Master various data aggregation techniques
  • Use JavaScript & JSON to navigate CouchDB
  • Create Web apps using Node.js & MongoDB
  • Work w/ JSON documents to import, manipulate & display data

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Projects in AngularJS – Learn by Building 10 Projects

Quickly & Easily Create Single-Page Applications with This Handy Framework

By Eduonix Technologies | in eLearning


This course covers yet another powerful, popular JavaScript Web development framework: Angular.js. The Angular.js library is specifically designed to address the challenges in developing single-page apps, making it invaluable to front-end developers looking to make a dent in the universe. You’ll build ten real apps in the process of mastering this handy framework and further rounding out your JavaScript development skill set.

  • Create Angular websites using 2-way binding, url routing, directives & more
  • Learn how to implement PayPal integration on Web stores
  • Build a CRUD application using the Firebase API
  • Integrate Facebook & Instagram APIs into your apps
  • Understand how to execute full stack web development
  • Master important front-end & back-end programming concepts
  • Use the Sails framework for a back-end Node server

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