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Whether you want to build Internet enabled gadgets, desktop apps or Android devices this Java Developer Course Bundle is a perfect fit for your learning. These courses will help you bridge the distance between the human brain and the digital product that you are trying create.

Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will need to build fully functional programs with the popular programming language, Java.

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71 Hours, 6 All-Level Courses: Become a Java Programming Pro

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Beginner Java Essentials for Android Course

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The Java Skills Required for Developing Android Apps

  • 100 lectures including 8+ hours of high quality content
  • Introduction to Java concepts you will need to develop on Android
  • Covers Java data types, strings, control structures, methods, classes, arrays, and more
  • Lessons use an automated tutor, proven to significantly improve student learning
  • Understand automated testing with JUnit
  • Introduction to Android
  • Understand Eclipse IDE to install the professional tools you need for Java & Android development
  • Certificate of completion


Dynamic Website Building with Java Course

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Understand Servlets & JSPs to Build Interactive Websites

  • 64 lectures and 10+ hours of content
  • Understand the basics of Java in order to build dynamic websites
  • Deploy your newly created website to the Internet
  • Navigate core server-side Java web technologies
  • Use servlets, JSPs, and JSTL to create interactive websites


Java Spring Framework Course

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Navigate the Popular Java Framework + Spring MVC & Hibernate

  • 174+ lectures and 28+ hours of content
  • Understand the fundamentals of the Java Spring framework, starting with basic setup
  • Introduction to Maven, a great build automation tool
  • Develop web and database applications, and learn to wire together Java objects with Spring
  • Introduction to Hibernate for object-oriented database manipulation using Java


Beginner Java Programming Course

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Basic Concepts, Tools & Functions to Build Fully Functional Programs

  • 9 lectures and 6+ hours of content
  • An introduction to Java programming, the base for object-oriented programming languages
  • Write Java programs with graphical user interfaces that run on PC, Mac or Linux machines
  • Different types of variables (bool, int, etc)
  • What an operator is and how to use it (+,-,%,etc)
  • Control loops & if-else statements
  • Hands-on exercises for practical use


Java Data Structures & Algorithms Course

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Introduction to the Fundamentals of Data Structures & Algorithms

  • 102 lectures with 5+ hours of content
  • Basic data structures: arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees and heaps
  • Basic algorithms: various sorting algorithms, algorithms for operations on binary search trees, and heaps
  • Graphics and animations make the lectures easy to digest
  • Write your own algorithms and understand their quality of performance


All-Level Java Swing Course

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Create Desktop & Internet GUI Programs

  • 91 lectures and 14+ hours of content
  • Learn how to write GUI (graphical user interface) applications in Java
  • Build desktop and web-based applications using Java Swing, Java’s built-in user interface toolkit
  • Build two complete applications step by step
  • Explore Swing widgets, JDBC for database access, the graphics API, model-view-controller (MVC) architecture, serialization for saving data, the listener-event model, and basic animation