eLearning: Immersive User Experience Bundle – Only $39

Have you ever wanted to be a UI designer but just didn’t know how to go about it? Well today you are in luck, we are offering you this amazing Immersive User Experience Bundle by Udemy.

With these courses you will learn all you need to know about the fundamentals of Foundation 5, which is the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world and learn the basics of rapid prototyping which will allow you to code faster. These courses will also allow you to collaborate more efficiently with product managers & engineers.

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From UI Design to Prototyping to A/B Testing: 6 Courses & 24 Hours of Content to Optimize an Interface




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Foundation 5: Responsive Design & Rapid Prototyping

Master This Lightweight Framework–Code Faster

By Udemy | in eLearning


  • 28 lectures, 2.5 hours of content
  • Understand the fundamentals of Foundation 5, the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world
  • Learn the basics of rapid prototyping to code faster
  • Fully understand the responsive grid
  • Study the CSS components & key UI elements
  • Optimize the mobile user experience

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Mobile and Web Rapid Prototyping: Interaction, Animation

Create Interactive Prototypes and Designs with Quartz Composer

By Udemy | in eLearning


  • Over 31 lectures and 3+ hours of content
  • Improve your prototyping skills to work faster
  • Collaborate more efficiently w/ product managers & engineers
  • Animate your prototypes to successfully present your concepts
  • Learn to use Quartz Composer for designing engaging animations
  • Speed up the design process as a whole
  • Create app or website interactions

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Framer.js: Innovative Prototyping & Design

Use Framer.js with Sketch 3 or Photoshop Designs to Create Interactive Prototypes

By Udemy | in eLearning


  • 42 lectures, 4.5 hours of content
  • Create innovative prototypes & design animation
  • Add interaction to your designs
  • Utilize Framer.js to create quick & easy designs
  • Set up user tests
  • Build modules to share functionality across designs
  • Create a quick overview of an app for presentation purposes

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Optimization & A/B Testing Statistics

Create More Meaningful Content Based on Customer Behavior

By Udemy | in eLearning


  • 21 lectures, 3 hours of content
  • Learn the 8 steps to running an a/b test
  • Understand the statistics behind a/b testing
  • Increase your company’s ROI by optimizing based on analytics
  • Select useful KPIs & success metrics
  • Create a hypothesis & evaluate post testing

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Build a Testing Program: CRO, MVT, & A/B Testing Theory

Increase Conversion & Profit with Optimization Strategies

By Udemy | in eLearning


  • 22 lectures, 4 hours of content
  • Start a testing program to increase conversion
  • Maximize your profits through testing & learning
  • Understand how to use theory in testing
  • Choose the best metrics
  • Minimize & understand risk
  • Study various marketing & segmentation strategies

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Advanced Copywriting Strategies for Online Sales

Convert Readers into Buyers with Powerful Copywriting Techniques

By Udemy | in eLearning


  • 124 lectures, 7 hours of content
  • Write copy that engages & builds trust in customers
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Study the most commonly overlooked copywriting mistakes
  • Avoid being “sales-y” in your copy
  • Increase product value with words
  • Learn various methods for creating successful copy
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