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Creating an easy to develop readable and expressive web environment with HTML has always been the ultimate goal. While HTML is great for translating static documents, it generally fails when we try to use it for declaring dynamic views in web-applications. Thankfully, AngularJS will lets you expand HTML vocabulary for your application.

AngularJS is not only expandable, but serves as a crucial tool to build an ideal framework best matched to your application development. While working perfectly with other libraries, every feature can be customized or replaced to suit your desired development workflow and feature rich inputs. Read on to find out how.

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Included in this bundle: 5 Courses, 19 Hours: Master Google’s Framework for Building Dynamic Web Apps.

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Learn & Understand AngularJS

Redesign 1774 angularjsbundle 1learnunderstand mf1

Master AngularJS to Build a Single-Page Application

  • Over 53 lectures and 7+ hours of content
  • Learn fundamental Javascript concepts that power AngularJS
  • Write better code
  • Get familiar with AngularJS terminology
  • Understand and build a single page application


AngularJS Single Page App Course


Redesign 1774 angularjsbundle 2singlepageapp mf2

Utilize AngularJS & HTML5 API to Build a Single-Page App in 1 Hour

  • Over 12 lectures and 2+ hours of content
  • Develop a basic single page web app
  • Animate with AngularJS & CSS3
  • Use directives: model, view, repeat, and more
  • Understand objects: $scope, $watch, $timeout
  • Create modules, bind them with html, and inject dependencies
  • Utilize HTML5’s localStorage


AngularJS for Beginners: Single-Page Applications Made Easy

Redesign 1774 angularjsbundle 3forbeginners mf3

Deliver a Better User Experience w/ AngularJS

  • 30 lectures and 2 hours of content
  • Learn AngularJS from scratch to create user-friendly web apps
  • Access live examples
  • Utilize fully commented source code of the project featured
  • Create a full SPA (client side)
  • Cloud-enable your SPA to connect to any back end
  • Add URL routes to your client-side SPA
  • Study Bootstrap 3, UnderscoreJS, & Google Chrome’s Developer’s Tools


AngularJS Fundamentals & Practice Course

Redesign 1774 angularjsbundle 4fundamentals mf4

An In-Depth, Project-Based Introduction to AngularJS Concepts

  • Over 29 lectures and 5+ hours of content
  • Write professional AngularJS applications
  • Think in AngularJS and design a SPA
  • Follow along with live coding examples


Learning AngularJS Course

Redesign 1774 angularjsbundle 5learningangularjs mf5

A Fast , Easy & Rewarding Way to Create Web Applications

  • Over 27 lectures and 3+ hours of content
  • Become an expert in all AngularJS tools
  • Learn about the AngularJS library, templates, and controllers
  • Build the basic structure of a real world app
  • Learn how use services, factories, and modules to improve modularity
  • Run your app through unit and integration test


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