What Is Wrong With Most Freelancing Sites?

The gig economy is the next big thing and there is no doubt about that. Freelance bidding sites like Upwork, Freelancer, PeopleperHour and their likes have allowed thousands of people all around the world to work from the comfort of their home. So, there is no wonder why they are gaining so much popularity these days.

And these freelancing sites are not just beneficial for the freelancers; nope they are beneficial for the employers too. Imagine hiring a web developer in a developed country like in the UK for a day to make certain changes in your website, it is certainly going to cost you $200 or something around it. Now to be really honest, the economy is not doing great and most small business owners simply can’t afford to fork up that much amount.

So, it is a win-win situation right? The employer is getting the job done at lower price and the freelancer is getting a good amount of money in their local currency. Everything is picture perfect right? Well, there are flipsides of this story too.

These bidding websites tend to take a good amount of commission for each transaction. For example if an employer pays you $200 for completing a project, the bidding website will take 20% commission on that amount and that means, the freelancer will get only $160 in return. Of course, we understand that the freelancing sites are there to make profit and they have to spend hundreds of dollars to be able to get their website up and running and they have to spend money to promote their websites on the web too.

But from the perspective of a freelancer is hard-earned money lost. But there is a silver lining in case you are looking for a freelancing site that does not take any commission, you are in for luck. Survis is one such company that has throw down the gauntlet against these so called freelancing websites by giving “normal people a fighting chance in the murky waters of the web service industry”.

So, this is an excellent opportunity for the freelancers who don’t want to cough up commission for using the platforms of these freelancing sites, you should join Survis. The best thing about this new website is that it is not crowded with mediocre freelancers rather you will find fewer but talented individuals who want to make a living without living the comfort of their homes.

Of late most freelancing websites have become more or less like a fish market where the lowest bidder wins the bid. So, if you are a freelancer and you are tired of scrapping the bottom of the barrel as most freelancing websites are turning out to be just another version of Fiverr, you need to check out this new kid around the block i.e. Survis.

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