Web Designing – The Ten Commandments you need to Follow

To make your business prosper in the online world, you will definitely need to own a website; and if you want to make that website beautiful here are 10 fundamental rules that you will have to follow.

Commandment #1: Thou Shalt Aid Easy Navigation

If you want visitors to stay on your website, you will have to choose a straightforward structure that makes it easy for them to navigate through your website. You will have to focus on your menu, your sitemap and also the hierarchy of your content. Keeping it simple is the key.

Commandment #2: Thou Shalt Give Top Priority to your Content at All Times

As a website owner, it is your responsibility to produce unique, engaging and informative content that helps establish your brand presence.  However, you need to have a basic idea of how to set up a website or a blog before that. A beautiful site is only for the eyes of your visitors. It is your content that makes them browse and scroll, purchase products and subscribe to your newsletters. Content includes text, images, videos, blogs, product descriptions, forms, lists, animations and more.

Commandment #3: Thou Shalt Go Mobile

With more than half the consumer interaction happening through mobile devices and Google recommending websites to adopt mobile-friendly or responsive web designs, it is very important for every website to go mobile.

Commandment #4: Thou Shalt Pay Attention to Your Color Palette

The color palette that you choose for your website goes a long way in establishing the mood of your visitors and reminds them of the message that you wish to convey through your Brand. Pay close attention to various aspects such as color psychology, compatibility and principles of usability.

Commandment #5: Thou Shalt Use Too Many Fonts

Fonts are a very important part of your web design. The key is to stick to a maximum of two or three fonts. The focus should be on easy readability. You can use different sizes and effects (bold, italics and underlined text) while highlighting headings, subheadings and catch lines.

Commandment #6: Thou Shalt Focus on Beautifying your Website

Use a beautiful template that comes with features like video backgrounds, parallax scrolling, excellent icons and captivating cinemagraphs

Commandment #7: Thou Shalt Prompt Visitors to Take Action

CTAs or Call to Actions are very important while designing website. Without these, there is no way you can convert your visitors into your customers. Keep them simple and instantly noticeable. Make it as convenient as possible for your visitors to take the action that you want them to.

Commandment #8: Thou Shalt Not Ignore SEO

Making Visitors land up on your site through Google Searches is very important to drive traffic to your website. Make sure you give high importance to Search Engine Optimization and come up with the right strategies to gain and maintain a high ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages.

Commandment #9: Thou Shalt Engage

Connecting with your customers is something you have to focus on, once you own a website. The focus should be on retaining your customers and increasing their loyalty towards your Brand. This is only possible by establishing long-lasting relationships with your audience.

Commandment #10: Thou Shalt Keep your Website Clutter-Free

Getting excited while creating a website is quite normal; but it is better not to go overboard. Remember, “Less is Always More” when it comes to designing a website. Use a lot of white space and keep the design minimalistic. This will also increase the speed of your website.

Like these? Then here is an extra one for you…..

Commandment #11: Thou Shalt Not Stop Once Your Website Goes Live

A good website is one that keeps generating traffic to keep improving your business. You have to keep updating your site with fresh content and adding in design elements as per the latest recommendations of Google.

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