What Can a Web Designer Achieve that You Can’t?

It has become a truism of the modern internet that a cut-throat website matters. Anyone with a decent education can build a basic DIY website, but that’s not always enough. If you want people to find your website, let alone interact with it, a lot needs to be done.

Here is what a web developer can achieve that you cannot despite having well-meaning intentions:  


Irrespective of how good your university web development project was, the painful reality is that you cannot match the continuously updated portfolio of a website developer. Having a portfolio demonstrates one’s capability and the fact that by working on many projects they are also honing their craft, something which you may lack as you were busy launching your start-up.


You are already on the cost-saving route once you have taken a dedicated developers outsourcing team on board. Also, the deal becomes more lucrative when you opt for web developers nearshoring as the cost of labour is much cheaper overseas. It does make much economic sense to pay a local developer £100/hour when you can get the same job done for a third of the cost or less from say the Czech Republic, which is something that the outsourcing PHP developers at https://www.kurzor.co.uk/ do. If you choose to work with a company like this, you can then use what you’ve saved to build a bigger, more enhanced application.


When you outsource web development, you are not hiring one individual but an entire company. This means you get all the skills which are required and applicable to your business’s website. It is pertinent to mention that it takes a marketing expert, an experienced coder, a skilled designer, technical professionals as well as a project to oversee and put together a robust website.

If you are a small business, it is nearly impossible to have all such professionals on your payroll, and it also does not make financial sense until you are ready for expansion. Therefore, when you research and finalise website developers nearshoring you will learn that they have the necessary skills needed to deliver a final smashing product.


It is a given that contracting dedicated developers comes at a lower risk than recruiting a full-time employee. The most plausible reason is that a firm with established credentials has policies and processes that have been examined and optimised over the years, guaranteeing a smooth flow of projects through completion.


As with any outsourced partnership, accountability is of paramount importance and a website development firm worth its salt will want to keep your future business as well. Therefore, they will focus on building a long-lasting relationship to ensure that you get value for your money and they get your positive word of mouth.


The most underrated benefit of outsourcing web development is the flexibility to bring in a specialist on a project basis without engaging long-term (and only paying the associated costs). This is because you may need someone with one set of competencies right now, but the requirements may well change come the next fiscal year.


It may seem overly simplified, but many work environments are massive distractions for developers. If this applies to you, then good luck building or maintaining a website while answering the phone calls, generating invoices and managing inventories. The fact is that with meal breaks, office gossip and commuting, there is less than half the time available for a developer to get the actual work done. This eventually results in you working more hours which may also affect your health and overall morale.


A professional website developer will always consider SEO requirements, and one of the most fundamental SEO elements is page speed.  While the site you build yourself or got developed in-house offers appealing graphics, it is slow to load. Remember, slow loading speed can effectively kill your site as now it is all about mere seconds. Fast websites are also necessitated by google  

Another reason to base your web development strategy on hiring outsourcing professionals is that fact they leave with an optimised, uncluttered code. Clean code is a standard for SEO websites. Such a developer would leave out any script that is not working by adopting a minified approach.

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