Ways to Improve your Website’s Performance

The performance of your website is a huge factor that determines how many repeat visitors your website gets. If your website performs slowly and visitors have to wait quite some time for a webpage to load, they will not be coming back.

There are many ways through which a website can be slowed down – not always the owner’s fault. However, detailed below are 4 ways you can improve the performance of your website.

Disable Unnecessary Plug-ins

More often than not, website developers will install a lot of plug-ins that are aimed at enhancing the user’s experience. These may include mouse pointers, flash banners and automatic audio and video streaming. Many such plug-ins, although improve a website’s experience, are rarely needed.

Unless it’s an essential plug-in or you have more than enough bandwidth, try disabling it. Your website will perform much better if it is disabled. NoIdentityTheft has done away with all unwanted to plugins to speed up its website and it now has a healthy page loading time.

Never Display more than you need to

Most people make this mistake that they show a lot of information on the main page. If you have heavy pictures, various animations and a video introduction on your first/main page, you may just repel your visitors. In this day and age, if it takes quite some time to load a webpage, a visitor will either click the refresh or cancel button.

The best way to counteract this is to display simple pictures and other media forms on your main page. This will improve the performance of your website significantly. Additionally, if you must display pictures, use small resolution pictures on the initial screen.

Text Icons

This is not something new and is implored in many websites. Many people use picture to replace text. Not only is this a bad idea for SEO dependant websites, it will slow down any website. If a style variation is still required, look for other alternatives such as fancy fonts or try using CSS @font-face to get both flashy text and speed.

A Great Backbone

Quite possibly the easiest ways to improve the performance of your website is to have a good backbone. A professional webhost will provide you a high amount of bandwidth and various optimizations. In addition, the customer support of a professional hosting service will help you improve your website without quickly and efficiently. This could be in the form of a knowledge base or live support.

However, due to the money required in this method, keep this method as a final resort.

There are always ways to optimize your website’s performance without having to expend much effort or even money. Try the free alternatives rather than the final solution listed above. These four ways improve your website’s performance without compromising the experience that you plan on providing to your visitors.

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